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From Chef de Partie Patissière to Bechtle account manager.

Good things come to those who wait and according to Melissa, that doesn't just apply to shortcrust pastry. The former Chef de Partie Patissière and now Bechtle IT career jumper invests as much time in her projects and customer relationships in her new role as an account manager. In our interview, she tells us about why she made the switch and rebooted her career with the Bechtle programme for career jumpers, Future in IT.

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Melissa Rachow
Melissa, why did you want get started in IT?

I’ve always been interested in IT and tinkered with technology from an early age. I also really wanted to have more contact with people and customers as that’s quite limited when working in a kitchen. Having said that, I never thought it would be possible to get into the industry without having studied first.

The Future in IT programme opened that door for you. What were your programme highlights?

My personal highlight was actually the other people on the programme. We became both colleagues and friends. Despite being very different, we quickly became a tight group. I know I can rely on each and every one of them and that we’ll be there for each other no matter the situation.

Did anything come as a surprise?

That did! Getting to know some really fantastic people and having amazing colleagues supporting me every step of the way. I know I can ask for help at any time and knowing you have a team like that to fall back on is incredible. I’m already looking forward to the projects that await.

Which experiences from your previous career have you been able to apply at Bechtle?

Probably that I have a creative approach to problems and am able to keep my cool when the going gets tough. Even when things don’t work the first time, I know that I’ll find more than one solution. I also know that my customers’ satisfaction is always front and centre for me. Before, I wanted to make my diners happy with the perfect dessert, but now it’s all about building long-term, honest relationships the customer can always rely on.

What’s your advice to people who are thinking of making a career change?

Simple. You are never too old to try something new. You just need to have the courage to take the step. A dash of motivation also isn’t a bad thing to add to the mix.

Bechtle career changer programme.

The Future in IT career jumpers programme takes place over several months and is run in collaboration with a renowned and experienced academic partner. Over the course of specific training seminars held by Bechtle’s own Academy, participants gain the tools they need to succeed in their future career paths, supporting each other to build a strong team. They are supported every step of the way by experienced mentors and can turn to their own personal buddy whenever the need arises. The programme is available at most Bechtle locations and the next group will kick-off their new careers on 01 July 2023.

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