Customer Success - Jan 14, 2022

Success stories written by Bechtle.

From a four-legged inspection robot to a future-proof network infrastructure at Toyota – the Bechtle update editorial team proudly presents: Eight highlights of the last twelve months.

1. Robust connectivity for Toyota.

The standardisation and continuous optimisation of processes are two key pillars of the renowned Toyota Production System. Organisations the world over have adopted the car maker’s philosophy, which also serves as a blueprint for Toyota’s own partner landscape. When the IT connectivity between the manufacturer and its dense service and distribution network in Germany was due for an overhaul, Bechtle took the lead of the country-wide project. Despite a tight schedule, the project was a seamless collaboration that resulted in a future-oriented network infrastructure complete with a matching service model.

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2. ANYmal inspection robot – Progress on four legs.

It can see, hear and walks on uneven ground quickly and independently, avoiding obstacles. ANYmal is a four-legged inspection robot—the creation of the high-tech company ANYbotics based in Zurich—used predominantly in large industry. To get its robot up and running, the young company turned to SOLIDWORKS’ broad portfolio of application solutions.

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3. Robotic, practical, good: A cobot conquers the Bechtle logistics center.

Cloudio is a collaborative robot, or cobot, that helps out the warehouse team completely autonomously. He’s the first of his kind and the next step towards flexible and smart automation within Bechtle logistics—a fundamental component of the 2030 logistics strategy.

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Kantonsspital Graubünden
4. Moonshot – in the service of medicine.

The growing importance of graphics-intensive medical applications provided the eventually led to the decision to back up central provisioning with a high-performance computer infrastructure. With excellent results.

Crafting Future
5. Rethinking the future of plastic.

The start up  has big ideas—a life without plastic waste. One of the most important tools in their armoury is the 3DEXPERIENCE platform—a cloud-based PLM software solution from SOLIDWORKS.

Future in sight: update 3.2021.

IT service management at Volkswagen Group Retail Germany, digital quality of life in a global comparison and a plea for more courage and collaboration in administration. Let yourself be inspired by these and many other topics that will move you forward.

6. Lift off for professional it service management.

As the need for more connectivity grows daily with more devices demanding more data and it is proving too expensive and too impractical to extend current infrastructure or build new networks on the ground. As a result a group of pioneers has decided to look to the skies and space for a solution and build powerful networks there. With its laser communication products, Mynaric is offering a key technology for this endeavour. To support the lift-off of corporate development at the IT end, Mynaric is teaming up with Bechtle.

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7. Smart storage design for esterhazy.

When a storage solution is reaching its limits and the entire setup needs a rethink, it’s a good idea to seek out some advice. Especially when IT performance is suffering badly. To strengthen the Esterhazy Group’s IT backbone for the long-term, experts from Bechtle Austria implemented an innovative software-defined storage during ongoing operations.

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8. Wienerberger AG – Reaching for the cloud and beyond.

When compute and storage capacities are at a premium, businesses of all shapes and sizes are faced with having to decide whether to constantly expand their existing infrastructure or make the move into the cloud. At Wienerberger AG, the decision wasn’t simply about migrating to the cloud. The company also set very high implementation standards so that they can offer their employees only the best solutions for their working day. Working together with Bechtle Austria and Microsoft, the company successfully migrated to the Microsoft Cloud with Microsoft Azure and Citrix.

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