IT Solutions - Jun 19, 2020

Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Duo – quick and easy IT security implementation at home.

What a few weeks ago was considered completely unthinkable has become the new normal with employees being forced overnight to work from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Staff have to juggle work and family and businesses had to rethink their IT strategies and fast. Notebooks and other equipment needed for working from home was purchased and infrastructures had to be scaled up practically within the space of a few hours to ensure staff were able to work from within their own four walls. But can that ever be secure? Yes! Insufficient IT security can no longer be used as an argument against working from home ...

If companies and employees had been asked that months ago, they would’ve replied with a smile. In many industries and companies, home office is still a pie in the sky idea. But why? Working from home doesn’t have to be a battle of wills anymore with one side insisting it isn’t for them while the other contends there’s nothing better. Most companies will say that they couldn’t possible implement a home office policy because of the IT security factor. “My users are optimally protected in the corporate network and are therefore better protected against current dangers than at home”. “To ensure that home offices are as secure as working from the company itself would cost a lot of time and money.”

And these are just two of the many arguments businesses give for seeing working from home as a security risk. However, employees like flexibility, particularly at the moment, and it’s critical for making a company attractive to prospective employees. Imagine if working from home weren’t a possibility in the current climate. You can’t, can you?

15 minutes to the highest security standards.

Travelling unnecessarily to an appointment, even if it might “only” take an hour, is a thing of the past—and IT security is no longer a counter-argument. Wasn’t IT security the argument many companies used to shoot down the idea of working from home? Yes, once upon a time...

But today, even with the simplest of solutions, working from within your own four walls can be made secure. Solutions such as Cisco Umbrella protect employees from malware, ransomware and phishing attacks and, just like Cisco Duo, can also be used as a multi-factor authentication solution which makes it necessary to login to the company using a second method on top of a password which may or may not have been stolen. Both solutions can be up and running in under 15 minutes and deliver high levels of security even when working outside of the corporate network. As you can see, two easy-to-implement solutions can give you and employees peace of mind that they can work securely from home.

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This post was published on Jun 19, 2020.