Primed MMS messages cold potentially pose a risk.

Incoming MMS messages that have been manipulated with malicious code can hijack the standard messaging app used on Samsung devices (PackageName: which could mean that the attacker to launch the code and therefore access data.


Recommended action – We’re by your side.

For all customers who easily, quickly and affordably manage their devices using Samsung’s cloud-based Mobile Device Management solution (KnoxManage), there is an option to selectively disable incoming MMS messages on vulnerable devices.


At the same time, all vulnerable devices should be updated with the Samsung security patch made available in May. Information on Samsung’s patch updates can be found here. The Knox E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware over the Air) solution available from the Samsung Knox portfolio is a central tool to manage updates for connected devices.


For all customers who currently use other MDM or UEM solutions (e.g. MobileIron, VMWare Workspace One, Microsoft Intune, etc.) we offer individual support options to update your existing environment.


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