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How can businesses relieve the burden on their IT departments and free them up for more important, strategic projects?

The pressure is growing on IT as they are confronted with ever-increasing volumes of data that need to be managed and a growing list of user demands. Existing infrastructures are creaking under the stress and are often simply not flexible enough to keep up. Dell Technologies offers future-oriented solutions for more security, efficiency and flexibility.


The majority of companies integrate isolated solutions to address individual changes, but this leads to an even more complex IT architecture. The result? More admin, a muddled structure and the very real risk of security vulnerabilities. But companies want to reduce their workloads and free up their IT departments for more strategically important, future-oriented projects.  


An impossible dream? Not with scalable solutions and technologies that enable the simple and targeted migration of data and applications to the cloud, which is why cloud and on-premise infrastructures should be flexibly combined. Simply shifting workloads and data into the cloud on a whim without thinking about the existing infrastructure is very rarely a recipe for success. Felix Wandhoff, Solution Architect, Bechtle Nuremberg: “It’s important for our customers to integrate an easy-to-manage solution. Moving wholesale into the cloud is off the cards for many. They want to build hybrid infrastructures that give them the flexibility they need without increasing complexity.”  


Hyper-convergent infrastructures for security, efficiency and flexibility. 

The solution is to switch to a hyper-convergent infrastructure. This high-performance combination of hardware and software is perfectly attuned and includes storage, computing power and network infrastructure as virtualised resources. Other devices can be seamlessly added and resources can be bundled and assigned as needed, which results in more security, efficiency and flexibility for businesses and less stress for the IT department and developers who can now focus on more important strategic work.  


“In VXRail, Dell Technologies has developed a flexible solution that gives companies a decisive advantage and delivers a consistent system when used with VMware’s multi-cloud management solution Cloud Foundation. The company-own on-premise infrastructure can simply be combined with the hyperscaler’s cloud solutions.”, explains Wandhoff. And in this way, businesses benefit from easy-to-manage hybrid infrastructure scenarios. “These solutions are not only child’s play to install, but are also flexible as customers can migrate workloads into the cloud without disrupting operations.” What’s more, the Dell Technologies solution is packed with security features. Uniform security profiles and rules apply both in the cloud and in the in-house data centre ensuring a very high-level of security. 


“For some of our customers, it is often better to split the transition into the cloud into two stages”, says Felix Wandhoff. The first is to simplify the in-house data centre with the Dell Technologies’ HCI solution to ensure quick and easy management. The second sees businesses gradually connecting cloud solutions to create a hybrid multi-cloud.  


Our Solution Centre offers customers end-to-end support. 

How do companies and organisations best tackle the cloud migration project when their own infrastructure has become a complex network of software and hardware solutions? “The Bechtle Solution Centre in Nuremberg is there for customers every step of the way, offering support and developing solutions that suit every company. Our cloud model helps us take a systematic approach and compare the status quo with what’s required, making sure that all the most important stakeholders are onboard before developing a concept we then implement in phases”, says Felix Wandhoff.  


It’s also important to experience the technology in action to get a feel for what it can offer, which is why the Solution Centre gives customers the opportunity to test hardware and technologies with their own workloads. Alternatively, the solution can be tested directly in the customer’s infrastructure under real conditions. This Proof of Concept shows if the solution is up to fulfilling the customer’s requirements. “Businesses benefit hugely from this end-to-end approach. We offer holistic support from consulting, concept development and implementation to the outsourcing of operations to us. Our experts also have a close relationship with vendors such as Dell technologies and are continuously developing their skills to offer the best possible support to our customers”, explains Felix Wandhoff. This way, even complex infrastructures can be securely modernised and the IT department is relieved of work thanks to easy-to-manage solutions.  



Felix Wandhoff

Solution Architekt,
Bechtle IT System House Nürnberg

Contact person.

Felix Wandhoff
Solution Architekt, Bechtle IT-Systemhaus Nürnberg




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This post was published on Dec 1, 2020.