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Interactive Digital Signage - Effective marketing using innovative multi-touch technologies.

We all know it. Annoying ads on the TV and radio, and multi-coloured posters at stations, airports and on the street as far as the eye can see. The majority of us ignore the attempts of all these companies to attract our attention. So what can they do to catch the eye of their potential customers?

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with information and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to make themselves stand out from the crowd. So, what’s the answer? Moving images and direct interaction in the form of Interactive Digital Signage. But what is it and how can companies best utilise it?


What is Interactive Digital Signage?


Digital Signage describes the use of digital media content for the purposes of marketing and sharing information. This includes electronic advertising, road signs, signposts and a variety of large-screen projections that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Fact of the matter is, Digital Signage is everywhere. At airports. In shops. On the streets.


Interactive Digital Signage which sees users directly interacting through touch technologies is increasingly being used. The consumer can search for the information they need themselves meaning that they influence what appears on the screen and interact with its content. This can be one user on a standard touch screen or several people using multi-touch technologies simultaneously.


What are the benefits?


Moving images are the best way to attract the attention of your target groups, but when digital content can be controlled by touch, the experience turns into something extraordinary for the user.

Interactive Digital Signage delivers a lot more benefits for companies and their target groups:


  • Independent information for your employees and customers—much lower workload
  • Update content in real-time—current information on screen
  • 90% higher recall rates thanks to interaction with the content
  • More rewarding experience and longer dwell time at PoS
  • Bridge waiting times
  • Measurable interaction/number of clicks
  • Simple, direct and fast feedback from employees and customers


How can the technology be utilised?


The combination of various touch screen technologies such as touch displays and totems, multi-touch tables and information terminals along with special software provides practically unlimited opportunities for an innovative marketing that is tailored to the company. Interactive Digital Signage solutions are perfect for every industry and can be utilised in a variety of ways in a range of locations:


  • Point of Sale & Point of Information
  • Hotels & hospitality
  • Fairs, exhibitions & museums
  • Public spaces (airports, stations, shopping centres)
  • Lounges, clubs & gastronomy
  • Companies (meetings, reception)


What does your company need?

  • Software (Content Management systems)
  • Connectivity (Wi-Fi, mobiles, etc...)
  • Installation
  • Content (continous creation
  • Procurement of the individual components


Creating an Interactive Digital Signage concept for companies is a complex and time-consuming process. The first step is to carry out a needs analysis, set a clearly defined aim, find the most suitable technologies and then procure, install and maintain the system.

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This post was published on Jan 23, 2020.