IT Solutions - May 12, 2020

Multi-window support for Word and PowerPoint on the iPad.

Microsoft versus Apple? In this age of digital transformation, we often work with each other rather than against each other. iPadOS 13 was launched last year and makes it possible to open two or more windows of the same application. Since then, an increasing number of third parties have started integrating multi-window support in their applications and Microsoft is following suit with their popular Office applications, Word and PowerPoint.

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Modern forms of collaboration are enabling us to be really productive and achieve great things with our work devices. Popular programs such as Office 365 have to work as well as possible on every device we use. Edit an Excel file on a MacBook, hold a PowerPoint presentation from your iPad or make a Teams call from your iPhone—it all has to work seamlessly.


A current example of cross-system collaboration? Microsoft recently announced that they were working on multi-window support for iPadOS.


As I’m writing this on my iPad Pro, I realise it would be very helpful if I could open another window so I can do more research, for example. Thankfully, today’s innovations are not limited to the latest hardware, but increasingly includes tools that make people more productive.


Based on my experience, I can recommend dipping a toe into both worlds. You’ll see that that there are no longer any barriers to doing this, opening the door to a whole wealth of possibilities.

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This post was published on May 12, 2020.