IT Solutions - Feb 26, 2020

Unified Endpoint Management in the Age of Cloud and O365.

How can you securely operate mobile devices using MobileIron, VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)? Keep reading to find out.

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Mobile end devices have become a mainstay of today’s everyday business. However, iOS and Android devices are no longer the only options. Increasingly, people also want simple, secure access to business data on their MacOS and Windows 10 devices. That’s why the concepts of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) have now been joined by a new kid on the block: Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).


A single management system for all end devices.

UEM is a central management platform that provides cutting-edge management for all types of end devices. In addition, management platforms such as MobileIron, VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Intune (aka Endpoint Manager) often serve as the underlying foundation for the modern workplace.


Safeguarding cloud services is becoming increasingly important.

Modern device management in and of itself is no longer sufficient. As cloud services, including Salesforce and Office 365, become more and more popular, new management options become necessary. While firewalls and reverse proxies used to be the standard for protecting business data, the cloud services used today are available online, outside the scope of these mechanisms. As a result, it’s no longer the service itself, but user identities, that must be safeguarded. Tools like conditional access and app protection policies in Intune allow your IT department to securely and adroitly limit access.


Do you find yourself wondering what exactly Unified Endpoint Management, app protection and conditional access mean? It doesn’t have to be that way! We show you how to manage your mobile end devices and securely provide access to cloud-based services such as Office 365 and Exchange Online, highlighting leading solutions on the market. Discover how you can offer your users easy, convenient and secure access to business data.

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This post was published on Feb 26, 2020.