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Bechtle Azure Operations: When it comes to the cloud, we’ve got your back.

It’s easy as pie to procure cloud services these days, but for many companies, it’s still a big challenge to organise a structured migration and to operate the cloud environment correctly. SMEs in particular often don’t have the necessary resources, expertise or time to get themselves up to speed, and that can have a severe impact. Incorrectly operated cloud infrastructures quickly eat up budgets or, in the worst case, become compliance and security risks, and all the benefits the cloud brings, such as fast innovations and being able to quickly react to changing market demands, can either only be taken advantage of to a limited extent or not at all.

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How can businesses take a load of their IT departments’ shoulders while still having a professionally run cloud environment they can rely on? The answer is often managed services whereby companies seek the help of external experts to run their cloud infrastructures. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading providers of cloud services and Bechtle has developed the Azure Operations Managed Service to facilitate the professional operation of the Azure Cloud platform for businesses. The service is specifically tailored to those businesses that already use Microsoft Azure or that would like professional operations to be at the forefront when migrating to Azure.

The benefits of Bechtle Azure Operations.

When developing the Azure Operations managed Service, we asked ourselves what our customers really want. Alongside professional support and continuous environment optimisation in the shape of a holistic cloud package, there are also other factors to consider. Our customers want a personal contact and receive support in their own language—on-site if necessary. Moreover, as already mentioned, many companies simply don’t have cloud know-how, which is why our approach includes knowledge transfer. We are transparent, open and work with our customers on a level playing field so that our experts can pass on their expertise to in-house staff and enable them to develop their skills, which ultimately leads to a new dynamic and collaboration within the team.

Initial projects have shown that Azure Operations can contribute to long-term cost and resource savings of up to 40 per cent. Relieving the pressure on IT departments is an additional benefit as the staff there are given the breathing space to focus on other, more strategically important projects. In the age of digital transformation, this is especially important as IT departments are the hub when it comes to introducing innovations to the market and reacting quickly and flexibly to changes. We help businesses to leverage the benefits of modern IT and not get bogged down in managing their infrastructures.

Give your company’s security level a long-term boost.

It’s not only the IT department that benefits from a reduced workload, but also security managers who can rely on our all-round protection. A dedicated team of experts use 24-hour analyses to ensure cloud infrastructures run securely. As cyberattacks become more common, we are providing businesses with the security they need are by their side offering expert support. Our Azure Operations Service can be summed up in one neat sentence: When it comes to the cloud, we’ve got your back so you can focus on your core business.

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This post was published on Apr 8, 2021.