The multi-service-provider model enables IT departments to provision scalable services on a single cloud-based platform and provide it through a central service portal. By using the self-service portal, users have a central touchpoint for all IT-related queries, reducing costs associated with communication. What’s more, by automating recurring processes such as employee onboarding and incident qualification, businesses can save even more.

The role IT plays in businesses has been constantly changing over the last few years. Whereas in the past, our IT departments were busy with managing and making hardware and software solutions available, now they are more heavily involved in shaping companies’ strategic directions and are taking on a more consulting-based role.

We have put together a process catalogue with various automated processes that can be used immediately in a range of different areas. We also offer a central service onto which all IT processes can be mapped. Companies don’t need their own licences and save enormous costs and resources with SmartNow compared with having to purchase their own licences and running their ServiceNow platform themselves. It allows for the use of the ServiceNow platform as a fully-managed service at a monthly price. This means that SMEs predominantly benefit from the process automation platform as they don’t have to allocate their own resources to it.

SmartNow business benefits.

With SmartNow, we scale and expand service portal functionality, seamlessly and intuitively bundling various cross-organisation processes that are critical for employees. Enjoy the following benefits with SmartNow:

  • Increase in productivity – SmartNow enables IT departments to deploy scalable services on an own platform, therefore increasing productivity by at least 20%
  • Streamlined and optimised processes – Reduce process costs and save time with SmartNow
  • Higher ROI – Enjoy greater profitability and faster amortisation when you integrate SmartNow into your everyday business
  • Boost service quality – Customers are in a better position to focus and professionalise their Service Desk thanks to newly gained transparency
  • Business integration – SmartNow brings together the worlds of IT and business. As a business enabler, the solution helps on the way to a Business 2 IT transformation.
  • Best practices service catalogue – Get started straight away with SmartNow.