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Industrial IoT – The digitalisation of machines and factories.

While the Internet of Things (IoT) has been making our personal lives easier for quite some time, Industrial IoT (IIoT) is still in its infancy. All the same, the train is rolling and there’s no stopping digitalisation. Read on to find out how you can harvest data from industrial applications with Bechtle and CloudRail.

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The IIoT is about capturing the information that exists in a machine or even an entire factory, and using cloud-driven applications to visualise it or machine learning to optimise quality and maintenance schedules.

Teaming up with IIoT expert CloudRail.

Bechtle Bonn/Cologne recently embarked on a strategic cooperation with CloudRail, a Mannheim-based start-up that creates solutions to extract information in both greenfield and brownfield installations through industry-standard protocols as well as sensor technology that can be retrofitted to existing machines. Available data can then be processed, encrypted and securely synced to any cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), and also to local systems.

Bechtle’s job in this cooperation is to inject our expertise in IT infrastructures to ensure each component can reliably communicate through the internet. In addition, we manage the necessary cloud applications, e.g. for data visualisation and analytics using complex algorithms. Thanks to CloudRail, it’s fast and easy to access data that’s generated on the factory floor, allowing us to keep a sharp focus on our primary goal—creating true value for our customers.

A pilot installation in just one week.

Many organisations in Germany are still sceptical about IIoT, with many worrying about data protection or pricey up-front investments. The good news is, our solutions are 100% compliant with data protection regulations, and thanks to CloudRail’s technology, we can have your pilot installation up and running in just a week. This means you can see concrete results with minimal investment, using the same technology that we can scale to your actual needs at any time.

In order to remove all hassles from your way to IoT, Bechtle and CloudRail have joined forces with AWS to create an entry-level package that includes everything you need to tackle your first use case—sensors, gateway, platform and services plus a workshop—for just €4,500.

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This post was published on Sep 27, 2021.