IT Solutions - Oct 7, 2021

Sustainable IT service management with SmartNow.

Numerous businesses are being faced with the challenge of having to keep up with increasing demands while relying on their organically grown, inefficient processes and low levels of automation. The desire for more streamlined IT despite smaller budgets yet greater service and centralisation expectations is increasing the pressure on a growing number of our customers. To support the lift-off of corporate development at the IT end, HanseVision is teaming up with Bechtle to implement the cloud-based IT service management platform, ServiceNow based on SmartNow.

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What are the challenges?  

Many companies are experiencing rapid and dynamic growth and this includes the number of employees and the expansion of development and production capacities. As a result of these changes and company growth, profitability expectations are also growing. Overworked employees and organically grown processes pile on the pressure to make workflows more efficient, but ineffectual and analogue processes make it nigh on impossible to expand the automation of recurring tasks.

In IT service management (ITSM) in particular, companies are recognising the need to sustainably bolster IT service quality across departments. In the most cases, services provisioned by the IT department are not automated and there is no transparent documenting of the landscape.

How can SmartNow help?

Our multi-service provider SmartNow offers the ServiceNow platform as a fully-managed service at a monthly price. Support for this cloud-based service is provided by Bechtle meaning that IT departments can focus entirely on using available functions and intelligently connecting to other systems. From a users’ perspective, service management becomes a lot more intuitive through the use of the Now mobile app.

Companies also have the possibility to migrate their existing service ticket-based incident management to the ServiceNow platform and also leverage tools such as problem, change, knowledge and demand management.

How can you benefit?

Ever-greater business complexity demands a flexible IT landscape and a thorough re-think of solutions and processes. For this reason, a growing number of companies are turning to cloud and module-based scalable platforms like SmartNow to ensure smooth and secure operations, but also to drive continuous, future-oriented development.

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This post was published on Oct 7, 2021.