IT Solutions - Aug 10, 2021

Swapping old for new – Apple and Bechtle’s GiveBack programme.

Time for an upgrade? Benefit from attractive buy-back offers for your old Apple hardware and invest in new, more high-performance devices with the GiveBack programme. Available for 10+ devices.

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Simply answer a few questions about the condition of you device and we’ll calculate an offer for your new Apple hardware minus the residual value of the old. We’re happy to accept fully functioning devices as payment. You can be sure that your data are in safe hands, too. Apple’s data easing service including end-to-end documentation is part of the GiveBack programme.

And the environment doesn’t play second fiddle either. If the devices are in good enough condition, Apple refurbishes them and puts them back into circulation. If not, the device is put into the hands of the disassembly robot to retrieve all valuable materials. Green IT at its best.

Benefits at a glance.

  • Full cost transparency
  • Lower costs when it comes to procuring new Apple devices
  • Certified data erasure
  • Environmentally friendly refurbishment
  • Free and professional disposal of old devices
  • Higher employee satisfaction thanks to modern, powerful devices.

More information about the Apple GiveBack programme can be found under ...

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This post was published on Aug 10, 2021.