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ServiceNow IntegrationHub: Automated processes for faster results.

Complex, difficult and protracted are terms frequently used to describe integrating and linking up various systems in a company. It’s no surprise really as integration complexity goes up exponentially with the increasing number of on-premise and SaaS (cloud) applications. An average business has 600 SaaS applications in production and has to deploy new digital workflows faster in order to promote business agility and resilience in an age of accelerated, unpredictable change.

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Most businesses are facing drawn-out integrations, an overworked IT department with a backlog of integration and automation tasks plus a load of existing core systems that need to be integrated. The result is multiple point-to-point integrations that aren’t scalable, developed individually and therefore highly complex and expensive. 

IntegrationHub is a simple interface and automation solution that can link up a ServiceNow system with a company’s many other systems. The IntegrationHub is fully integrated into the platform and can be used by all applications (IT, HR, CRM, custom apps). The IntegrationHub gives end customers ready-made interfaces to the most important business solutions such as SAP, Microsoft M365, Salesforce and Workday.

IntegrationHub benefits for your business.

Faster time to value.

By leveraging IntegrationHub, ServiceNow workflows can be linked up with hundreds of enterprise-critical systems through the provided interfaces immediately and without a lot of individual effort.

Lower integration complexity.

Various actions can be easily integrated in ServiceNow Flow Designer without any programming or integration expertise.

Reduction in integration costs and risks (lower TCO).

Thanks to IntegrationHub, ServiceNow already offers a raft of possible interfaces. Integration and action developments, improvements and maintenance are carried out by ServiceNow and provisioned to you with every release. 

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This post was published on Feb 15, 2022.