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Inside Bill's Brain.

Have you met Bill Gates? On Netflix, the Microsoft founder allows us a glimpse into his life, with additional commentary by his family, friends and associates. Does the three-part series really decode the master’s thinking—as the subtitle suggests? Probably not. Still, it offers an inspiring look at the life and work of an exceptional mind, who began coding our future almost half a century ago and now channels his skills and resources to help answer the big global questions of our time.

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I would not totally disagree with sunshine as long as it’s not too hot.

Truth be told, style is not for everyone. And German humour is an acquired taste. But if you have even a shred of admiration for two-piece comedy act Katz & Goldt (which in and of itself is worthy of a bit among our bobs), you’ll love their rumpfkluft ‘novelty rags’. Pointless words or acute social criticism? Hard to tell. All the same, “a smile is balm for the soul.” Nothing to argue here.


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Hey from the Future!

Imagine you knew what you know now—20 years ago. What advice would you give your younger self? has the answers for you now, decades in advance. Extracted from the life experience of others. At 32? You should probably stop collecting stuff. At 42? Remember that your brain is still a sponge, ready to soak up new things.

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The museum of the futures.

A day at the museum can be so much more than dinosaur bones and relics from days gone by. In September, Berlin’s Futurium opened its doors to the public. A museum of the future. Or rather, futures. Plural. It’s a space brimming with ideas of what may be, and how we’ll get there. A three-part exhibition revolving around people, nature and technology invites visitors to explore and create, and find their own answers to the question of how we want to live in the future.

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“You smile for the first time in your life and other people smile back at you!” Heike Faller is an editor at ZEIT Magazin. For Hundred, she interviewed people from all walks of life, of all ages, around the world, to find out what it is that we learn in life. From our first moment to our last. The result is a beautifully illustrated book and a riveting journey through a collective lifetime. It takes us back and makes us curious about the future. It offers a trove of talking points to connect with those that are ahead of us. Also makes for a great gift for new parents. Because those born today stand a good chance to make a hundred. Published by

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Quit smoking, take the stairs, clear out the wardrobe, go to bed earlier… Hand on heart, you probably started the New Year with a resolution or two. Even though precedent tells us that, come March, it’s all forgotten about. Streaks helps you turn resolution into habit. The app can remind you of up to twelve activities a day, and if you hook it up to a health app, can also detect if you’ve completed your fitness goals. Show 2020 what you’re capable of! Only for

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Play your snaps right.

If you consider your Instagram a work of art rather than just a place to put your snaps, then Unum is for you. The app lets you schedule posts, save photos, arrange them in a grid and drag and drop them where they look best. Of course, it also lets you post directly to your account. Tag clouds and statistics satisfy the number nerds among us. Available for iOS and Android.

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