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Bechtle und Governikus: Driving the digital administration.

Since the passage of a law to improve online access to administration services—the Onlinezugangsgesetz, or OZG for short—public administration in Germany has been making big digital strides. A critical factor in making digital administration a success is the way the country’s federal states collaborate in a technologised landscape. A collaborative development of digital administrative structures is also at the heart of the partnership between Bechtle and Governikus, who are now strengthening their ties to deliver even more effective support for government agencies during their digital transformation.

Governikus KG has been making innovative IT solutions to protect personal information since 1999, enabling digital sovereignty against the complexities of a connected world. The company has come to be a staple in e-government and e-justice and the majority of its solutions are tagged as applications of Germany’s IT Planning Council. A Governikus partner since 2019, Bechtle is now looking forward to deepening the cooperation. “The opportunity to elevate our partnership with a renowned solutions maker on such a scale is a very important step for us. Governikus will now be supporting us as we build up our own expertise in e-government solutions and adopt and conduct a number of our related training measures for employees. By tapping into this pool of knowledge, as partners, we will be able to optimally implement the requirements of a modern administration in line with recent legislation and demonstrate to the public sector that we understand the challenges posed by the OZG,” explains Heiko Logemann, Head of E-Government Consulting at Bechtle.

Secure digital solutions.

Governikus’ offering captures the entire lifecycle of electronic information, from protected communication to secure storage to managing digital identities. “Our applications are built to ensure compliance with the laws of Germany and the EU, as well as other international standards. Our close ties with customers and our participation in various national and international councils allow us to quickly respond to new developments at any time, and to drive innovation through a transparent dialogue with government bodies in administration and the judiciary,” says Governikus KG’s Marc Horstmann. Based in Bremen in the north of Germany, the company has branches in Berlin, Cologne and Erfurt and currently employs some 180 people.



Heiko Logemann

E-Government Consulting







Experienced partner to the public sector.

Like Governikus, Bechtle has extensive knowledge in the digitalisation of public administration. With a dedicated business unit, the Neckarsulm-based IT company sharpened its focus on the specific requirements of the public sector some years ago and supports clients as they develop strategies, formulate goals, design processes, and seek effective ways of using information systems and IT infrastructures. “The public sector is well aware that the digital transformation requires swift and determined action. Everyone is clear about the situation. A digitalisation strategy is how we determine our customers’ way forward, define concrete goals and identify the necessary measures to transform manual processes into digital workflows,” says Heiko Logemann.

As a highly capable architect of future-ready IT infrastructures, Bechtle has a breadth of expertise in both traditional IT landscapes and modern paradigms including digitalisation, cloud computing, the digital workplace, IT security and IT as a service.

Room for innovation.

Modern technologies and software solutions are key to digitalising the administration of public matters and meet the varying needs and expectations of citizens and administrative units and employees alike. IT processes must become more agile while at the same time ensuring strong security, compliance with data protection regulations, and financial feasibility. In addition to a coordinated IT strategy, a federal digital landscape takes two things in particular: resources and time. In other words, the public sector can’t pull it off alone, so its agencies invite tenders to source what they don’t have from the private sector instead. Innovators like Bechtle and Governikus have long been key players in this marketplace—and now they are pooling their capabilities even more effectively.

“To make its digital transformation a success, the public sector has to rely on external partners who can build and run the necessary IT infrastructures,” says Dr Stephan Klein. “Bechtle has the right people to offer effective support in our projects whenever it is needed. This strength paired with our modern solutions can significantly advance the proliferation of digital services offered by public bodies.

Germany’s law to improve online access to administration services—the Onlinezugangsgesetz, or OZG for short—came into effect in the Summer of 2017 and has since been the legal frame for the digital transformation of the country’s public administration. Leading the law’s implementation are the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the IT Planning Council, as well as CIOs and digitalisation managers of the respective states. The OZG requires stakeholders to consolidate the IT landscape, define responsibilities, and establish nationwide concepts for online services. Suitable services are to be digitalised by 2022 to offer citizens and companies an efficient, accessible and easy-to-use way to communicate with administrative bodies and, ideally, do away with the need for them to show up in-person altogether.

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Heiko Logemann

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This post was published on Mar 16, 2020.