IT Solutions - Aug 25, 2020

Digitisation will change all business areas.

The digital transformation is one of the greatest challenges for companies in recent years. The shift to agile working and flexible work solutions has brought this topic into focus anew in many places. For companies, it is important to take advantage of the positive aspects of digitization, such as increased efficiency and a better position vis-à-vis the competition in the market, while at the same time fending off the dark sides.

How do companies tackle these challenges and what solutions can be implemented in the short to medium term? The study "CIO Agenda 2020" by CIO, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management and Bechtle takes up these questions and provides answers from 265 decision-makers in the DACH region.

Cloud technologies remain in demand.

One thing is clear: the proven triad of agility, flexibility and mobility will continue to be an integral part of the digitization strategy of German CIOs in the future. For this reason, cloud IT reference models, collaboration tools and AI and block chain projects will remain in focus. Cloud technologies and cloud services are by far the most important investment areas of the future. However, changes in the IT infrastructure and colocation (server housing) will also determine the distribution of the IT budget.

For data management, the results of the CIO agenda show a clear trend towards cloud systems. While almost a third of the companies surveyed currently both host and manage internally, only 20 percent expect to continue to do so in five years' time. A further fifth of those surveyed plan to work with hybrid models in the coming years. Internal hosting and external administration are planned by only 17 percent of those surveyed. External hosting and administration reaches the lowest value in this category with 12 percent. The highest value is achieved "hosted in the cloud, managed internally" with 31 percent.

The biggest challenge is the acceleration of all challenges.

In order to make the successful transition to a "digital company", comprehensive solutions in the area of data management and data protection are necessary. The fact that many CIOs see this area as relevant for their medium-term IT strategy shows that there is a backlog demand in this area. The topic of "Big Data" is still in its infancy in many companies. For modern data management, the path to data-based business models must be paved with the help of comprehensive data classification and tools and processes based on this classification. Core IT topics such as DevOps and multi-cloud management, on the other hand, are at the back of the pack. What remains is the question of the balance between the rapid pace of digitization and transformation management that can withstand this speed. While the pressure to implement change management quickly and successfully is growing steadily, substantial transformation strategies must be developed and employees must be taken on the road.


IT decision makers agree that digitization will change all business functions in the coming years. Higher productivity, greater flexibility, innovative ability and speed reflect both the expectations and demands of many IT decision-makers and require leaner processes with increased storage space.

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This post was published on Aug 25, 2020.