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Public Sector.

The digital path to intelligent administration.

Many public-sector organisations have already embarked on their journey – creating modern, flexible workplaces, digitalising services, and using advanced cloud structures. A journey that is hard to undertake alone. That’s why they rely on a professional, well-connected, international technology partner with tight regional networks. A partner who has shown long-term commitment to the particular needs of their stakeholders. We support you in shaping the future of administration.


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Smart Country Convention.

Meet our public sector experts. Impressions from our exhibition stand at the Smart Country Convention in Berlin.

3 questions for Gerhard Marz, Divisional Director Public Sector, Bechtle.

What about digitalisation in the Public Sector? What are the most discussed topics at the Smart Country Convention? How important is the Smart Country Convention to Bechtle AG? Gerhard Marz answers the questions of the association Bitkom at the Smart Country Convention 2019. 

About the status of digital administration in Germany— a talk between Bechtle divisional director Axel Feldhoff and Bitkom president Achim Berg.

Why Germany has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to digital administration and how the association Bitkom wants to tackle the problem— a talk at the public sector fair Smart Country Convention 2018.

Bechtle employees support 
public sector customers
of group revenues
achieved by public sector
Bechtle locations throughout Europe
 with public-sector specialists
new projects per year

Broad specialisations.

The representatives of these sectors all act in the public interest but their IT requirements couldn’t be more different. Our specialised managers take the target group’s requirements and precisely tailor services accordingly.

  • European institutions
  • federal and state government
  • schools and municipal government 
  • research and education
  • healthcare
  • churches and charities
  • energy and associations

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10 approaches that make your public business strong.

Our mission as the go-to IT partner for the public sector is to help our clients successfully navigate the digital transformation with a clear focus on their needs and expectations. So that‘s what we do. The following 10 measures give you a glimpse of the opportunities that Bechtle has in store for you – today and tomorrow.



Get an expert opinion – before competing solutions blur your needs.

Before making an IT investment, you need to fully understand all the options available to you. To help you on your quest for the best solution, our IT business architects hold workshops on key topics such as the workstation of the future, hybrid cloud scenarios and electronic filing. Especially when you’re still brainstorming it makes sense to sandbox ideas to paint a better picture and kickstart creativity. Testing out ideas in a safe environment also helps us, as a service provider, see exactly what our customers want and need.


Streamline workflows – with electronic filing.

From 2020, all German federal authorities will be required to use electronic records. In collaboration with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Bechtle has developed an e-record platform that is the new default not only in public management, but in businesses too. A365 Maverick is an electronic filing format that seamlessly blends with the familiar Office environment. Users can document transactions with the click of a mouse, design workflows, collaborate on documents, and schedule filing dates.



Digitalise your organisation – for intelligent administration.

The digital transformation presents the public sector with a number of challenges. People expect digital administrative processes, innovative digital services, and secure access to information and communication. Bechtle guides public customers through this process with workshops, structured requirement management, analyses and solution scenario modelling. 


Acquire IT as a Service – and optimise your IT management.

As a sourcing model, the fixed-price PC workstation plus service bundle is here to stay. It enables transparent budgeting and scalable services tailored to the client’s precise needs. Our Bechtle Clouds services are 100% pay-what-you-use, and as an outsourcing partner, we can offer highly standardised managed services for everything from workstations to data centres.


Evaluate new ideas – and collaborate to develop them.

Digitalisation in public administration is a key enabler for innovation. But despite the rich possibilities available on the market, many ideas don’t have a product or service to match. If no existing service on the market can fulfil the innovation or procurement requirement, public clients can, in accordance with Art. 19 VgV (German Public Tender Award Regulations), enter into an innovation partnership with suitable companies in order to develop and establish a solution.




Design the workplace of the future – today.

Companies and public entities looking to invest in the workplace of the future want to make themselves attractive to both current employees and qualified young professionals. There are three key elements to a modern workplace – room layouts, work concepts and methods, and technology. We understand the technological aspects of the workplace of tomorrow, taking into account the specific compliance and security requirements, provisions, and readiness of each individual public authority.


Benefit from qualified consultation – from our IT business architects.

The road to digitalisation in public administration calls for partners to help you thrash out your future-proof IT strategy on an equal footing. Our qualified Bechtle business architects do just that. They analyse and evaluate IT, consider current and future IT requirements, and guide you on your way to long-term architecture development plans.


Take advantage of methodical expertise – and our many years of experience.

Each branch of the public sector has different requirements and we adapt and align our IT solutions accordingly. That’s one of the secrets to our success. For over a decade now, our central Public Sector Business division has been supporting our dispersed organisations in Europe, and there’s a lot of things we’ve done just right. Our continued growth and the recurring success of our bids for lighthouse projects are proof of that.


Centralise IT procurement – and manage assets on your own platform.

It’s becoming increasingly common for public clients to form procurement associations that can acquire products and services at a reduced cost. Bechtle packages resources into neat bundles when creating quotes, while providing direct support to all members of the purchasing group, from delivering components all the way to operation services – regionally, nationally or across Europe.


A technology partnership in public administration.

Rapid technology and innovation cycles and enhanced business opportunities come with a broad field of solution providers and an opaque market structure. As a result, many public administration institutions are unsure what their needs will be in the future. With a technology partnership concept developed by Bechtle, we’ll show you how to identify opportunities and action fields, and take advantage of the most efficient technologies—all in compliance with public procurement law.