Karlsruhe University of Music – Apple hardware and software for instructional use and projects.

The Karlsruhe University of Music is dedicated to preparing its approximately 650 students for diverse careers in the arts. It is constantly striving to raise the bar ever higher, creating a space for creativity and self-actualisation in a world increasingly defined by new technologies. The Karlsruhe University of Music provides its students with a so-called ComputerStudio comprised of nine separate studios featuring high-quality audio hardware and software as well as video equipment.

Project details.

  • Mobility
  • Public sector
  • Education / Research
  • Apple
  • <250 employees

Project objectives.

The ComputerStudio’s previous hardware needed to be updated to provide students and ComputerStudio guests with new, powerful hardware and software. The new equipment was to be used for instructional purposes, including introductory courses in subjects such as music notation, audio production and MIDI sequencing. It was also intended to support projects such as the production of e-learning courses for the Virtual University of Baden-Württemberg’s programme entitled “Music and Music Technology in Culture”.


Through the latest Apple hardware and software, we are able to give our students the opportunity to gain real-world, project-based experience, which they can apply after they graduate. The performant configuration of our Apple computers ensures that we are able to use both current and future program versions, thereby safeguarding our investment for the next few years.

Dr Thomas A. Troge, ComputerStudio Manager and Head of Musicology and Music Technology, Karlsruhe University of Music



Bechtle replaced the ComputerStudio’s Apple notebooks with advanced Apple MacBook Pro Retina devices, featuring 2.3 GHz, 1 TB disk storage and 16 GB RAM. Each of the nine studios also received a powerful desktop machine: the Apple Mac Pro, which delivers state-of-the-art performance with its 3.5 GHz, six-core Xeon processor, PCIe-based flash storage, a powerful Thunderbolt 2 architecture, ultra-fast 32 GB memory and 4K video support through two workstation-class 6 GB AMD FirePro D700 GPUs. These computing powerhouses are supplemented with an Apple Mac mini i7—featuring 2.3 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 1 TB storage and running Mac OS X Server—which is the ComputerStudio’s server. This Apple hardware is used for professional applications such as Pro Tools HDX and Final Cut Studio. Bechtle will support all of the hardware on site for three years as part of Bechtle’s warranty expansion covering all devices and guaranteeing an 18-hour recovery time. This will ensure that ComputerStudio guests and students are able to complete their projects without downtime or crashes.


Business benefits.

Thanks to Bechtle’s framework agreement covering Apple hardware in Baden-Württemberg, the Karlsruhe University of Music is now able to leverage cutting-edge, powerful Apple hardware to support its courses and projects. The device’s performant configuration guarantees maximum investment security, as the ComputerStudio will be able to utilise both current and future versions of professional programs on hardware that is known to stand the test of time. The ComputerStudio’s new hardware landscape therefore makes it possible to conduct research and create artistic productions faster and on a larger scale, both today and tomorrow.

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