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Newlat GmbH, formerly Birkel Teigwaren GmbH, is Germany’s most popular pasta producer. It prides itself on offering the perfect pasta for any recipe and catering for a variety of personal tastes. In addition to the Birkel brand, Newlat Germany also markets the brands 3 Glocken, Minuto and Nudel up. Newlat Germany employs some 140 people, of which 50 work in the company’s administrative offices in Hamburg and Mannheim.

Project details.

  • Client Management
  • Managed Services
  • Manufacturing
  • HP
  • <250 employees

Project objectives.

Newlat Germany wanted a simpler, automated ordering process. Centralising the process was a key aspect of the project, as this was the only way to keep from overstocking printing supplies. In addition, the company wanted to make printing costs more transparent and ensure that printers provided the features that staff needed. With an automatic ordering process, staff no longer have to keep an eye on toner levels, so they can devote their time to more important matters. Printer downtime is also minimised.


Strive for tranquillity not by ceasing all activity, but by finding equilibrium. [German poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller]


Rolf Saur, System and Network Administration, Newlat GmbH (formerly Birkel Teigwaren GmbH)



Under conventional printer asset management (PAM), an e-mail is sent to the supplier as soon as toner levels reach a certain threshold. The supplier then contacts the customer and submits a quote before the supplies can be delivered. Because this type of PAM still requires quite a lot of customer interaction with the supplier, it isn’t fully automated. By contrast, Bechtle Printer Asset Management automates the entire process, starting with the warning about low toner levels. The system automatically orders the required supplies in a fully digital, structured process and has them delivered immediately. As a result, supplies are received much quicker and orders require hardly any management. Bechtle’s PAM process covers everything from monitoring printing operations, to automatically ordering supplies when toner is low, to ensuring just-in-time delivery. It also includes free disposal of empty consumables, detailed reports and customised invoicing. Based on the inventory taken by Bechtle, PAM administration was set up for Newlat Germany, which automated the entire ordering process. The printer fleet manager monitors all printers, irrespective of the brand, and automatically orders the necessary supplies. Comprehensive asset-management reports provide information on cost centres, persons, departments and workstations for each order. Document management (leasing, care packs, warranty extensions and upgrades, etc.) is also included.


Business benefits.

Automating supply orders has freed up Newlat Germany’s purchasing department significantly. The stock of toner kept on site is much smaller than before, which translates into less time, space and money devoted to supply inventory. In addition, staff no longer have to search for product numbers or compare prices, as this is done automatically by PAM. Because supplies arrive just in time, printers are no longer out of service just because someone forgot to order toner—and when employees are able to print what they need when they need it, they can get their work done more efficiently. In the end, PAM therefore not only reduces personnel costs but also increases employee motivation and availability.

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