Evangelische Jugend- und Familienhilfe – Deployment of Mobile Device Management.

When people in North-Rhine-Westphalia or indeed all of Germany find themselves stuck in personal difficulties or family problems, they can rely on the youth and family services provided by Evangelische Jugend- und Familienhilfe gGmbH. The organisation offers advice and hands-on assistance to help children, young adults and families navigate out of their difficult situation. True to its Christian values, its employees strive to provide people who are struggling with the tools they need to help themselves.

Project details.

  • Client Management
  • Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
  • Microsoft
  • <250 employees

Starting point.

The youth and family service’s drop-in centres are scattered across the entire Rhineland. Employees in the field are connected to the main office via their mobile workstations that keep them going reliably during their busy days and guarantee data remain secure at all times. The ability to quickly and easily access information on the go led to more and more employees using mobile devices while away from the office. However, the heterogeneous, organically grown IT environment of Ev. Jugend- und Familienhilfe lacked the capacity to sustain its growing device pool. Maintaining and running the devices required excessive manual intervention and had the IT department operating at its limit. That’s why the organisation wanted to replace its existing technology with a solution that is sound and sustainable.

Project objectives.

In order to increase IT efficiency both in the field and in the IT department itself, Ev. Jugend- und Familienhilfe wanted to get all new mobile devices, aiming for easier and centralised management in place of the current device-in-hand approach. Process automation was to significantly streamline administration and further increase efficiency.


In joint workshops, Bechtle and the customer’s IT staff worked out a framework concept that also supported the non-profit organisation’s needs in terms of quality assurance. Bechtle analysed its existing processes and eventually proposed a solution that centres on mobile device management using Microsoft Intune. A cloud-based service, Microsoft Intune enables integrated mobile device and app management. Bechtle checked and validated Microsoft Intune’s automation capability against the actual needs of Ev. Jugend- und Familienhilfe. In the end, the customer was won over by the solution’s simple client management, awarding Bechtle the contract to implement it.


"Thanks to Bechtle, we now have the best solution to handle our expanding device fleet: Microsoft Intune. It’s the perfect way to manage all our mobile devices today and in the future."

Bernd Liesner, IT/Project Manager QM Centre, Ev. Jugend- und Familienhilfe gGmbH



Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based enterprise mobility service enables Ev. Jugend- und Familienhilfe’s IT department to centrally manage all mobile devices and installed apps. With all devices registered, IT staff now have a complete overview of the devices that are in use at a given time. Configuring devices now also happens from a central point using Intune, guaranteeing that all security and data integrity policies remain intact at all times.


What’s more, Ev. Jugend- und Familienhilfe now has full control over who can access which data and which features they can use in Office and other applications. To this end, mobile apps can be assigned to users based on pre-defined profiles. IT staff can configure default app settings on any device and enjoy granular control over corporate data access and management.


Bechtle and Ev. Jugend- und Familienhilfe worked together to compile all related policies and security requirements. Finally, Bechtle implemented the automated processes driven by Microsoft Intune.

Business benefits.

Using Microsoft Intune, Ev. Jugend- und Familienhilfe overhauled and automated the complete management of its mobile device fleet running Windows 10. The modern MDM solution supports all of the charity’s compliance requirements while offering a solid foundation for future developments in its field services. The need for manual intervention by the IT department has plummeted, while unified IT standards enforced through Intune have improved system reliability, effectively relieving IT staff.

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