BearingPoint – Global client management with a dual-platform strategy (Windows and Mac).

BearingPoint provides management and technology consulting services that link strategies with technological opportunities. The company develops customised solutions on a personal basis for clients in over 70 countries. BearingPoint’s global consulting network comprises 9,200 people, of which 3,600 are highly qualified consultants in 16 European countries. Its entrepreneurial, flexible and focused approach is key to the company’s success, whose clients include leading private and public institutions as well as government organisations.

Project details.

  • Client Management
  • Managed Services
  • Trade / Service
  • Apple
  • >1,500 employees
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Project objectives.

Following a six-month phase to examine the feasibility of implementing Apple devices—and to test various other brands—BearingPoint opted for a dual-vendor strategy that gave users a choice between Apple and HP notebooks. BearingPoint then issued a call for tenders to find a provider that would be able to supply both Apple and HP hardware centrally while offering good value for money. The goal was to improve IT service quality and further the international expansion of the company’s information technology by deploying new IT services more quickly in future.


We want BearingPoint’s processes to be designed as efficiently as possible. Our staff also want innovative devices, so we developed a dual-platform strategy for 3,600 end devices in 16 countries. Bechtle successfully monitored and managed the overall project, which enabled us to rollout these notebooks—and implement Apple devices for the first time—without any issues.


Anke Riesner, IT Director, BearingPoint GmbH



One-third of the 3,600 computers used by BearingPoint across Europe were replaced by Apple hardware, with the remaining two-thirds swapped out for HP notebooks and clients. BearingPoint operates the Apple devices using a virtual machine, allowing two operating systems to run. This results in a dual-platform strategy enabling easy use of SharePoint. To facilitate swift delivery to the 16 countries in which BearingPoint has offices, Bechtle established a central warehouse where all devices are stocked free of charge. BearingPoint is able to conveniently order the hardware it needs from this warehouse using Bechtle’s e-procurement platform, bios®. bios® is a custom online procurement system designed to save time and money, streamline and accelerate procurement processes, optimise the use of framework agreements across entire organisations, and automatically manage IT assets. bios® offers BearingPoint Apple and HP hardware at the most up-to-date prices, letting BearingPoint purchase what it needs at an affordable cost without having to issue calls for tender or negotiate pricing. This service is offered globally, so that each country can obtain its particular hardware configuration quickly and easily.


Business benefits.

Delivery times were slashed thanks to the leaner order and delivery process. BearingPoint’s IT staff can now devote their time to other projects instead of constantly requesting quotes or submitting orders. By transferring the entire ordering system to Bechtle, BearingPoint benefits from a full-service package that not only standardises the company’s IT but also automates—and thereby reduces—manual tasks associated with the order process.

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