ZA Zahnärztliche Abrechnungsgesellschaft AG – Highly secure and highly available invoicing system for dentists.

ZA Zahnärztliche Abrechnungsgesellschaft AG (ZA AG) provides dentists with a practical platform for invoicing dental services, thereby ensuring maximum liquidity. ZA AG was founded in 1999 by ZA - Zahnärztliche Abrechnungsgenossenschaft e.G., a cooperative which owns 50 percent of the company’s shares. The remaining 50 percent are owned by a mutual bank for pharmacists and doctors, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank e.G. ZA AG’s invoicing service is available to dentists round the clock, seven days a week, while ensuring the same security standards as banks.

Project details.

  • Server & Storage
  • Virtualisation
  • Trade / Service
  • IBM
  • <250 employees

Project objectives.

ZA AG’s executive board wanted to further improve IT availability and data security for its clients. It was looking for a new backup and restore system to ensure compliance with security policies and boost efficiency. In addition, the new system was expected to simplify administration and management, freeing up IT staff for other duties. Further goals were to enhance the IT department’s ability to respond more quickly to business requirements and save energy through new hardware, thereby lowering TCO.



We work closely with dental offices and their patients to provide professional services. Our online platform includes extensive features that must be available to our clients at all times. Thanks to our newly virtualised environment and new hardware, we’re prepared for future developments and can offer our clients a highly secure and always-on invoicing system.


Wolfgang Balmes, Chairman of the Board, ZA Zahnärztliche Abrechnungsgesellschaft AG



Together with ZA AG, Bechtle decided to virtualise the system’s servers using IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controllers. A member of the IBM Storwize family, IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Data Platform is a storage virtualisation system that enables a single point of control for storage resources. It also ensures high business-application availability and greater resource utilisation. Management of the platform—including the many functions that are traditionally deployed separately in disk systems—is standardised, allowing IBM SVC to use the existing storage system more effectively. At the same time, SVC Data Platform also standardises the entire VMware and Veeam-based virtualised storage environment and its functions. This ensures higher flexibility and potentially lower costs. ZA AG’s user-friendly, cost-efficient storage solution relies on three IBM Storwize V3700, which offer flexibility, innovative storage functions for virtual server environments and continuous access to data with integrated non-disruptive migration. The innovative replication technology improves network utilisation for remote mirroring and improves efficiency through powerful thin provisioning. Thanks to the system’s scalability, storage capacity can be deployed quickly. In addition, the stretched cluster designed by Bechtle offers maximum failure safety.


Business benefits.

The solution of virtualising ZA AG’s server landscape exceeded the board’s expectations, as the IT system’s stability and reliability absolutely ensure that ZA AG’s invoicing platform is operational 24x7. Manual tasks performed by IT staff have been reduced to a minimum, which has led to high acceptance of the new system by both the IT department and management. In addition, the virtualised, IBM Storwize V3700-based storage environment saves not only energy but also resources through optimised utilisation. And that translates into more cost savings for ZA AG. Data security was also improved so that it now fully meets the requirements of ZA AG’s shareholders, IT department and clients. Finally, the forward-facing, expandable storage solution can be upgraded quickly, enabling a swift response to new data and security requirements even on short notice.

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