Takasago Europe GmbH – Innovative storage management for the development of flavours.

For over 100 years, Takasago International Corporation has developed flavours and fragrances for foods, beverages, fine fragrances, home and personal care products. The company has offices in 27 countries, with production sites and R&D facilities in key global markets. Takasago Europe is located in Zülpich, Germany, where 253 employees develop custom flavours for the European market. The Takasago campus in Zülpich encompasses several buildings whose IT must be networked and managed together.

Project details.

  • IT Security
  • Server & Storage
  • Chemical / Extractive
  • HPE
  • <250 employees

Project objectives.

Takasago Europe wanted to consolidate its existing storage system and replace it with state-of-the-art technology to better safeguard data and improve backups. The company also wanted to deploy IT services more quickly and reduce energy consumption. Similar to the previous storage system, the new one would have to be able to mirror data—but also introduce snapshot backup technology for faster, granular recovery. In addition, the project’s objectives included ensuring transparent failover, migrating all data and keeping downtime to a minimum when replacing systems.

Replacing our existing, central data storage solution—in other words, all of our business data, all of our business capital—was like open-heart surgery. Thorough analysis, preparation and conscientious implementation were absolutely vital for success. Thanks to Bechtle, who provided one of its top-tier employees, our project was in highly capable hands from beginning to end.


Erich Wauters, Director IT, Takasago Europe GmbH


Takasago Europe’s new storage solution consists of an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7200 with ninety-six 900 GB/10k hard drives as the primary/source system as well as an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7200 with eighty-four 900 GB/10k hard drives as the secondary/target system, ensuring sufficient storage capacity. These systems are kept in separate buildings on the Zülpich campus. Data is mirrored synchronously via additional redundant Fibre Channel (FC) adapters and redundant single-mode FC connections, with two FC switches installed on each end. Transparent failover between the two storage systems is provided by 3PAR Peer Persistence. All relevant systems are fully virtualised, enabling consistent storage snapshots through VMware Recovery Manager. The installed VMware tools also consistently backup the network’s Windows systems using Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). Linux systems are also backed up. Using VMware has enhanced integration with existing infrastructure.

Snapshots allow Takasago Europe to recover entire data stores, specific virtual machines, specific hard drives—or even specific files. Even mailboxes or mailbox items can be recovered. Tape backups supplement the mirrored setup, with the tape library located at yet another location on the Takasago campus. A third solution, vRanger, adds another layer of safety by backing up individual virtual systems and storing this at the same place as the tape library. In addition to hardware, the solution installed by Bechtle also includes Support Plus 24 service and HPE 4-hour 24x7 Proactive Care so that hardware is replaced quickly when needed.


Business benefits.

Bechtle was able to meet all of the project’s requirements, providing a flexible, innovative storage system with the necessary capacity and features to keep Takasago’s IT operations running stably and reliably. The two new HPE 3PAR systems offer various automation features to better support Takasago’s business processes and reduce administrative tasks. Energy consumption was also cut and the entire system designed to expand so that Takasago will be ready to handle whatever the future brings. Finally, the solution designed by Bechtle incorporates a three-prong backup strategy, keeping data highly available—and optimally safe should a disaster occur.

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