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Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd., offers high-quality electronic components for companies in a variety of industries. For Yamaichi Electronics, delivering quality means continuously improving products and services—based on a zero-fault philosophy—to keep up with the requirements and expectations of its customers. Yamaichi Electronics’ production spans the globe, with sites in Japan, the Philippines, Korea, China and Germany. Its production space totals over 50,000 square metres, enabling high flexibility and fast implementation of customer projects. Because of its global presence, the company needs high-quality, real-time communication worldwide, both within the group and to connect with partners and customers.

Project details.

  • Mobility
  • Software
  • Networking Solutions
  • Modern Workplace
  • Manufacturing
  • Microsoft
  • <250 employees

Project objectives.

Yamaichi Electronics Germany’s leadership, keen to embrace new technology, wanted an unbiased assessment of the many Unified Communications solutions available in order to determine which would best meet their company’s current and future requirements. The goal of the project was to implement a consistent platform that would provide advanced voice features and support an audio/video conferencing system enabling developers at different sites to communicate with sales teams and management. In addition, old DECT phones would be replaced where possible with more contemporary systems such as iPhones with the Lync app installed.


Thanks to the Microsoft Lync-based communications solution [...], we are now able to communicate securely within our own company and externally with partners and customers worldwide, using leading technology. And because it has been widely accepted by our employees, we have been able to accelerate our business processes, further improve quality and thereby increase productivity.


Helge Puhlmann, Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH



Following a selection process and successful testing, Yamaichi Electronics Germany chose Microsoft Lync Server 2013. This solution, which adapts automatically to network requirements, lets users communicate securely wherever there is a network connection. Lync makes it easier to communicate by supplying a consistent, familiar user interface available on Windows PCs as well as Windows, iOS and Android smartphones. Yamaichi Electronics Germany uses the full range of Lync 2013 features in conjunction with its existing telecommunications system. These features include voice communication, instant messaging (chat), presence information, VoIP as well as audio, video and online meetings (web conferencing). The underlying infrastructure is made up of a 360° video conferencing system, standard Lync IP phones and a Lync app for iPhone and Android devices. The DECT phones at the main site were replaced by iPhones equipped with the Lync app. The warehouse, which functions as its own site, uses a combination of Lync desktop phones and DECT devices, the latter being chosen over iPhones because they are more robust and have a longer battery life. These DECT phones are connected to the Lync infrastructure via a gateway server, providing access to Lync features such as the central directory or the ability to connect to conference calls.


Business benefits.

Integrating this communications solution was much less costly than purchasing an entirely new telecommunications system. Because employees can be migrated to Lync gradually, licensing requirements grow slowly, making them easier to plan. Using Lync technology also saves a substantial—and verifiable—amount of money on international phone charges. And the availability of a Lync app for smartphones has rendered DECT devices, which used to be indispensable, almost unnecessary. By relying on standard components, Bechtle was able to implement the solution in only ten person-days.

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