Lieb Bau – Backup solution by Commvault.

Bechtle Austria replaced Lieb Bau Gruppe’s heterogeneous, high-maintenance backup solution with state-of-the-art software by Commvault. The new system delivers a unified and easy-to-manage platform with consistent security processes and transparent reporting.

Project details.

  • Server & Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Commvault
  • <250 employees

Starting point.

Lieb Bau Gruppe, a versatile group of companies headquartered in Weiz (Styria), has over 1,200 employees, making it one of the largest building firms in eastern Austria. However, over the years its organically grown, heterogeneous backup solution comprising physical and virtual servers from a variety of manufacturers, as well as custom scripts for remote site access, Das Problem an der Lösung: has turned managing the group’s tape backups into an excessively arduous task. “Our old backup solution ate upwards of one hour every day for reviews and adjustments. As we did not have reliable reporting processes in place, pinpointing faults in our backup routines could take several days, and reviews could hence take significantly longer than that. So the challenges we were facing were not just a matter of money, but also a matter of process quality,” says Heinz Ganzer, CIO, Lieb Bau Weiz.


Thanks to the Commvault solution, we were able to dramatically optimise data protection in our organisation and minimise the load on our servers. Also, necessary administrative tasks are now just a few minutes a day.

Heinz Ganzer, Chief Information Officer, Lieb Bau Welz GmbH


Project objectives.

A unified backup solution was to resolve Lieb’s troubles. The goal was to consolidate backup data at the corporate headquarters in Weiz including remote replication, deduplication, guaranteed service levels and consistent reporting complete with automated alerts. Every month, Lieb handles between 2,500 and 3,000 backup jobs across its various companies, with a total volume of 25 terabytes.



Following an in-depth live demo of a solution Bechtle had implemented for another customer, Lieb Bau opted for a fully integrated backup and recovery solution by Commvault to gain complete visibility into its data across physical and virtual servers. The solution was implemented by specialists of Bechtle’s Graz location, who also gave the backup hardware an overhaul: A modern HPE server with 40 terabytes of capacity for backups combined with Commvault’s global deduplication capability means Lieb can now store and manage up to a total of 800 terabytes of backup data.


These measures have dramatically improved file-level data protection while synthetic full backups keep the load on servers low in the long run. The new solution also replaced the discrete software that had been in use at the various sites, while leveraging existing local backup hardware thanks to Commvault’s extensive compatibility.


Local data are automatically deduped at the respective sites before any relevant backup copies are synced to the central data store. What’s more, the flexibility and scalability of the Commvault solution meant that two large hardware stores acquired by Lieb Bau Gruppe during the implementation phase could be readily integrated into the new backup processes. Heinz Ganzer: “Thanks to the enormous competence of Bechtle’s consultants the project was planned and implemented within budget and schedule and to the perfect satisfaction we’ve come to expect.”

Business benefits.

Bechtle was able to cut administrative tasks to just a few minutes a day. Thanks to the implemented Commvault solution, Lieb Bau Gruppe can now rely on consistent procedures both for its daily backups as well as the offloading of monthly and annual backup to tape. Plus, significantly faster backups mean the group can now meet all its recovery time (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).


What’s more, regular deduplication across all backup types means data on disk can physically remain inside the backup server for longer. Also, the new solution provides a unified platform for data recovery as well as automated resource management, effectively preventing capacity bottlenecks. Transparent, colour-coded Commvault reports now give Lieb’s IT managers comprehensive insight into available capacities, sudden data spikes or drops in performance.


“Since the switch I receive two e-mails every day containing reports on completed and failed backup jobs. However, thanks to the Commvault software’s excellent fault tolerance, it is extremely rare that a backup doesn’t happen and we have a successful backup rate of 99.9 to 100 per cent. And if a running backup routine happens to be interrupted for some reason, it is now very easy to resume. With our previous solution, we had to restart the whole process from the beginning and were unable to squeeze in critical recovery jobs. Another benefit is that the new solution is very granular. If required, we can restore even just an individual e-mail or attachment without the need to bring back an entire mailbox,” says Mr Ganzer. And finally, Commvault gives Lieb Baugruppe the ability to scale easily and meet future requirements.

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