Landratsamt Kyffhäuserkreis – A mobile classroom for Kyffhäuserkreis.

The Kyffhäuserkreis district in northern Thuringia, Germany, is home to more than 77,000 people, most of whom work in industrial and manual trades and small and midsized companies that are steeped in tradition. The local government is also in charge of providing effective, future-oriented and sustainable education to its 6,300 odd schoolchildren. To this end, the district office does much more than just provide and maintain school buildings. It also ensures equipment, administration, and technology.

Project details.

  • Networking Solutions
  • Public sector
  • HP Inc.
  • 250–1,500 employees

Project objectives.

School administrators and the local government wanted to increase student participation in the classroom by introducing new mobile technologies—in compliance with data privacy and IT security standards. The goal was to enhance the quality of education and help students obtain better marks. These “mobile classrooms” would introduce students to modern technology while also aiding the learning process. Flexible use of IT in the education sector would also help streamline business processes, making them more efficient.


The mobile classroom should be a reality for us. Thanks to the great wealth of experience the Bechtle experts were quickly able to find the right Tablet model. With the HP Pro Tablets we set up a cost-effective and nevertheless exactly tailored solution. The Sophos desktop firewall provides the necessary protection for students and teachers. Teachers and students can now experience digital educational content.


Antje Hochwind, Landrätin des Kyffhäuserkreises



Kyffhäuserkreis selected the HP Pro Tablet 10 EE to enhance 1:1 learning among its high school students. This affordable tablet, which runs Windows 8.1 and features a 10” HD touch display, is designed to withstand the rigours of classroom use. Its educational tools and flexible connectivity options take learning beyond the confines of the classroom. Teachers can rely on professional support and services as well as HP Classroom Manager to enhance user experience. HP Classroom Manager can be used to control applications and internet access, limit the use of external devices and provide new content. It also helps monitor the activities and progress of individual students, while preventing unauthorised individuals from adding material or infecting devices with malware. Additional security is provided through a Sophos SG 135 desktop firewall, including the Full Guard Bundle, which provides e-mail, network, web, web server and WiFi protection. The desktop firewall, with its 64 GB SSD, offers outstanding firewall, IPS and VPN throughput as well as flexible configuration options. Equipped with eight built-in GbE copper ports, Sophos firewalls can be linked into dynamic clusters of up to ten appliances. Kyffhäuserkreis also implemented Sophos AP55 access points to ensure an excellent WiFi experience.

Business benefits.

The mobile technology deployed in the public Geschwister Scholl high school in Sondershausen is highly flexible to use and administrate, thanks to the HP and Sophos technology used. Both the desktop firewall and the software loaded onto the tablets can be adjusted. And because the school’s IT landscape is standardised, it is also easy to maintain. By implementing this initial pilot project, Kyffhäuserkreis pioneered the testing of new technology in an academic setting to support and improve education. Its experiences will contribute towards an understanding of how forward-facing IT systems can help shape the education system.

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