Dold – A cutting-edge infrastructure and backup strategy for more efficiency.

As part of the Gévelot Group, DOLD Kaltfliesspressteile GmbH uses cold and warm impact extrusion to manufacture steel and aluminium components for gear boxes, drives, steering systems, engines and chassis parts. DOLD’s business requires that vital production data be backed up continuously and accessed regularly, which is why the company needed a fast, reliable and secure storage solution.

Project details.

  • IT Security
  • Server & Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • HPE
  • 250–1,500 employees

Project objectives.

As part of the project to upgrade its storage hardware and software, DOLD was searching for a solution offering not only high data availability but also reliable, fast storage. It also wanted to enhance the efficiency of the entire system through streamlined backup and recovery processes. In addition, DOLD was looking to increase data security by upgrading its IT and redesigning it as a homogeneous environment. A high degree of process automation was yet another requirement as this would simplify administration, reducing the workload of DOLD’s IT staff. Of course, costs were also a factor: DOLD wanted better value for money as well as reduced energy costs through energy-efficient clients. A backup infrastructure plan was presented, which would later serve to measure the project’s success.


We were quite impressed with Bechtle’s extensive IT expertise, especially with respect to data backup. The project was completed on time and within budget thanks to Bechtle’s specialists and our shared commitment to success. And because Bechtle is close by, we know we can count on them in future.


Mark Zugschwerdt, IT, DOLD Kaltfliesspressteile GmbH



At the core of the new storage system are three HPE ProLiant DL380p Gen8 SFF servers, specially configured for DOLD by Bechtle’s HPE-certified specialists. These servers are extremely easy to maintain, deliver superior performance and enable more flexible configuration. DL380p Gen8 servers are the ideal solution for the dynamic compute requirements of growing companies and demanding data centres. Its 2.20 GHz Intel Xeon E5 processor provides more power, security and efficiency. In addition, HPE SmartMemory prevents data loss and downtime through advanced error detection, thereby improving workload performance and energy efficiency. Each server provides two HPE 4 GB hard drives, which can be upgraded to up to eight SFF SAS/SATA/SSD drives to accommodate increasing capacity requirements. To ensure that DOLD’s backup needs were fully met, Bechtle installed an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7200-2—featuring a total of 24 drives with 600 GB each—as the storage base. Thirty-one compact, energy-efficient Wyse T10 thin clients, equipped to dovetail with DOLD’s IT environment, access the company’s servers, which are virtualised through VMware. The combination of virtualised servers and Wyse thin clients is an efficient, user-friendly solution, combining the full performance of a modern desktop PC with the superior security of server-based content and data storage. Bechtle also trained DOLD’s IT administrators, ensuring they felt fully comfortable operating the new infrastructure. In addition, Bechtle will be further supporting the project for four years.


Business benefits.

After having redesigned its IT, DOLD is now able to backup sensitive data extremely quickly and securely. The advanced, future-proof HPE technology installed by Bechtle provides first-class, high-availability backups, which in turn allows DOLD’s IT department to better support the company’s business processes. In addition, uniform standards ensure that compliance requirements are met and also enable DOLD to expand its capacity quickly and smoothly in future. Bechtle was able to reduce administrative hassle by automating several processes, giving DOLD’s IT department much more time to focus on priority tasks. The servers and thin clients introduced use much less energy, which lowers not only administrative but also energy costs. Above all, DOLD’s IT department has widely accepted the new system—evidence that it has met all expectations.