FingerHaus GmbH – Resource-saving storage for a prefab housing provider.

Located in Frankenberg, Germany, FingerHaus GmbH is a family business that combines rich tradition with advanced technology. This producer of prefab timber houses has built its reputation on superior quality as well as stringent environmental standards. Each day it delivers up to four houses to their owners, requiring sophisticated logistics and scheduling. FingerHaus relies on IT to support and control not only its production activities, but the entire value chain—making high availability a priority topic

Project details.

  • IT Security
  • Server & Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Fujitsu
  • 250–1,500 employees
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Project objectives.

The goal of the project was to further enhance the system’s failure safety and increase storage capacity. Its top priority, however, was to ensure high data availability. This would require determining whether the current hardware would be adequate or if FingerHaus needed new hardware to improve flexibility and prepare its systems for future demands. FingerHaus wanted a solution that would continue to provide business support while enabling it to ramp up the use of IT in production and warehousing.


The new storage solution based on Fujitsu and NetApp has helped us increase our failure safety and disaster tolerance. If something were to happen, we’d be able to get everything up and running again in just a few hours.

Daniel Pakura, Head of IT, FingerHaus GmbH



To meet FingerHaus’ new requirements, the company’s previous NetApp FAS2040 environment—installed in 2010—was replaced with one based on powerful, flexible and mirrored NetApp FAS2240A systems. These new systems offer unified storage for SAN and NAS and are divided into primary and secondary storage. Together with the other components included in NetApp’s complete bundle, they simplify management and provide virtual storage tiering for better application performance and higher storage efficiency through automatic data movement between SSDs and HDDs. These systems can also be clustered and scaled up to 567 TB for future-proof storage. And in addition to reducing disk purchases by at least 50%, they slash provisioning time by up to 90%. To backup the new NetApp environment, the previous Fujitsu tape library was replaced by an ETERNUS LT60, which expanded FingerHaus’ established server infrastructure (based on four Fujitsu RX300). Bechtle also installed a backup-to-disk pool composed of Fujitsu ETERNUS JX40 to reinforce the backup of high data volumes. Combining these two ETERNUS models has opened the door to maximum efficiency, security and cost savings. FingerHaus also purchased a Fujitsu 24x7 service pack, which guarantees hardware replacement within four hours in the event of a system outage.


Business benefits.

FingerHaus’ new storage solution delivers first-rate failure safety coupled with ultimate disaster tolerance. Data and applications are available to employees at all times and can be recovered quickly if systems fail. The company’s new storage infrastructure is able to accommodate increasing requirements and growing data volumes in future. At the same time, it has reduced both the amount of work required as well as energy and media costs. As a result, FingerHaus is able to apply its resource-saving standards not only to its own prefab homes, but also to its IT.


IT Decision-Makers.

In this video, Daniel Pakura gives insight into FingerHaus’ growth from 80 to 300 PCs. He also touches on the expanding role of IT in production, the increasing importance of high availability as well as the company’s gradual virtualisation (video in Germany only).


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