RoodMicrotec – Innovative storage for secure IT operations.

For almost 50 years, RoodMicrotec has offered products and services for the electronics industry. The company operates as an independent general contractor, working with external partners to produce advanced, customer-specific microchips (ASICs). It also serves its customers as a one-stop shop for turnkey solutions. Its supply chain management covers everything from ASIC design and test engineering to qualification and failure analysis. RoodMicrotec also assembles the chips and coordinates logistics worldwide. All services within its supply chain, whether for reliable single components or integrated systems, are available individually. RoodMicrotec’s operational units are located in Nördlingen and Stuttgart, Germany, with an additional site in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Project details.

  • Server & Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • HPE
  • <250 employees

Starting point.

RoodMicrotec works hard every day to provide its customers with premium-quality products and services. The company observes stringent standards in all of its customer-specific projects, including ASICs. This means that quality testing and assurance is a key aspect of RoodMicrotec’s work. Using state-of-the-art equipment, the company conducts all mechanical, climate, electrical and optoelectronic testing in its laboratories in Nördlingen and Stuttgart. RoodMicrotec itself develops all the necessary testing software and hardware, analyses test data and optimises existing testing solutions. Its IT environment therefore plays a crucial role, with high availability, powerful performance and scalability serving as essential criteria for the core network and storage environment. Although stability and availability are top priorities, RoodMicrotec’s IT landscape was no longer able to guarantee this, as it had been built up piecemeal over the years, resulting in a heterogeneous, unstable environment. RoodMicrotec therefore decided to overhaul its technology.

Project objectives.

RoodMicrotec wanted to consolidate its existing systems and build a new storage infrastructure to ensure stable operation for its entire system, in particular communications and applications across all sites. It also wanted to upgrade and future-proof its storage and core network. A key criteria for both the IT department and senior management was that data be protected and available at all times. Enhancing the infrastructure’s performance was a further objective.


Our customers need a microchip tailored to their specific requirements. This requires extensive communication and a lot of data is exchanged as well. The hybrid HPE Nimble Storage solution implemented by Bechtle meets these requirements. And InfoSight takes first and second-level tasks off the IT department’s hands. Every day we feel the impact of the system’s faster speeds and improved stability.

Koray Muratoglu, Head of IT, RoodMicrotec GmbH



After Bechtle and RoodMicrotec held their initial joint workshops, it was clear that this project’s requirements were quite demanding. Bechtle therefore presented RoodMicrotec with a Proof of Concept (PoC) featuring HPE Nimble Storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprises’ forward-facing storage technology. Developed for NVMe and Storage Class Memory (SCM), HPE Nimble Storage offers first-class effective capacity and a future-proof architecture. During subsequent workshops, Bechtle advised RoodMicrotec in detail about the performance and possible applications of HPE Nimble Storage. This convinced RoodMicrotec to implement the predictive flash storage system.


RoodMicrotec selected the HF20 Nimble Storage system presented in the PoC. This system includes HPE InfoSight, a platform able to predict problems, resolve issues automatically and detect efficiency bottlenecks at installation. The Nimble Storage HF series is an innovative, adaptive flash array combining the speed of SSDs with the storage capacity of conventional disk drives. The patented technology used in HPE Nimble Storage’s CASL (Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) architecture integrates flash as part of a full hybrid solution. Dynamic compression of data blocks and integrated snapshots are just some of the benefits of CASL, along with deduplication and compression. And in the event of a failure, the system is protected through triple-parity RAID. Up to 24 SSDs can be accommodated.


Bechtle also implemented two HPE Aruba 5700 32XGT as core switches, thereby optimising data traffic directly at the core of RoodMicrotec’s IT infrastructure. These switches offer thirty-two 10 Gigabit, eight 10 Gigabit SFP+ and two 40 Gigabit QSFP+ ports, delivering the required flexibility and performance to meet future core-network demands. As part of its backup strategy, RoodMicrotec implemented a Veeam backup solution and upgraded its existing VMware server farm environment. Bechtle configured the entire storage environment for RoodMicrotec, aligning it with the company’s specific requirements. As part of the project, Bechtle also optimised the overall network, including the existing Fortinet firewall technology.

Business benefits.

RoodMicrotec now has a server and storage environment based on the established, market-leading technology of HPE. HPE Nimble Storage not only meets all of RoodMicrotec’s compliance requirements, it also dovetails perfectly with the company’s business requirements. The new storage and core-network infrastructure implemented by Bechtle ensures virtually uninterrupted data availability. In addition, the future-proof design of Nimble Storage allows future expansion at any time. What’s more, HPE InfoSight proactively prevents problems and provides an entirely new way to manage storage, performing several processes automatically—and thereby eliminating manual tasks previously performed by IT staff.