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Savendo: Working globally with the right cloud solution from Bechtle.

The days when the catering industry was only about good food and a pleasant atmosphere to attract guests are over. Nowadays it’s the small details that bring in customers. Savando AG recognises this and provides restaurateurs with mobile phone charging stations that cost nothing, are secure, and bring in a profit. Restaurants become a beacon in times of need when phone batteries run out, ensuring satisfied diners. And there’s no tangled mess of cables, no risk of theft, devices getting mixed up or time lost negotiating with service staff.

Project details.

  • Cloud
  • Managed Services
  • ITC / Media
  • Cisco, Sophos
  • <250 employees

Starting point.

Mobile phone charging stations don’t just benefit restaurants and their diners, but companies too, who want to use the built-in 24" Full HD screen as a digital out-of-home advertising space, giving them the innovative opportunity to effectively reach a young and attractive target audience that has hefty purchasing power with their marketing campaigns. With its digital advertising media, Savendo opens the door to gastro-marketing. IT is a key factor for Savendo AG’s successful idea because the company is just as agile as its offerings. With branches in Dubai, Lahr in the Black Forest, and Freiburg, on top of the option to work from home, Savendo can work its magic for you wherever in the world you’re based. To support this flexibility and the collaboration it requires, Savendo needed an exchange including a server structure that’s location independent. Employees need to be able to reliably access all services around the clock in order to ensure data can be exchanged securely. Large cloud providers were therefore out of the question for Savendo.

Project objectives.

The internationally successful and experienced company founders placed more importance on constructing an independent Windows server environment for a cloud environment with a reliable service provider. And as a start up, they had a clear advantage: The Savendo Group had no legacy IT issues to consider and could design an IT infrastructure from scratch, just how they needed it.

At Savendo, it’s important that the inventive spirit can flourish. That’s what enabled us to conquer ever more markets all over the world. Our business is growing, and with it, our employee head count. We need to adapt our IT to these requirements. In our quest for a new, innovative, IT provider, Bechtle had just the solution we needed. Our new private cloud infrastructure does what it promised: it’s flexible, agile, and cost-effective and suits us perfectly.

Oliver Winkler, Head of IT, Savendo AG


In Bechtle, Savendo found a dependable partner, who didn’t just understand their requirements, but was also in a position to make them reality. Bechtle’s company philosophy—flexible working—was the basis for the process behind choosing the right system. In particular, the new infrastructure should map the location-independent and central data exchange in addition to communication via e-mail and other applications.


There were three requirements that Bechtle had to take into particular consideration: Savendo AG is growing quickly, and it’s important that the systems are able to be managed flexibly. Accounts need to be created efficiently so that IT can be quickly adapted to changing circumstances—whether one or one hundred new employees are added. The system therefore needs to be as smart as possible, since the internal IT department needs to be able to concentrate on the company’s core topics without having to administer the IT infrastructure. Administration, operation, and maintenance of the IT infrastructure should be as simple as possible. And last but not least, the system needs to be financially viable and cost-effective.


Bechtle set up a dedicated Savendo server structure in the Bechtle Cloud data centre. This private cloud infrastructure, operated by Bechtle, hosts the company’s most important systems including Citrix Worker, virtual workstations in the form of shared desktops, application servers and other features. These workers and the Citrix infrastructure backend components are managed via the Citrix Cloud. All Savendo employees receive their own desktop and desired applications, including Microsoft 365, distributed centrally by Bechtle. The system also accesses, among other things, e-mail systems installed in the cloud and transmits employees’ e-mails to the right accounts.


For the security of the clients and servers, Sophos Central is used, via which, all installations are triggered and verified. The Sophos XG virtual firewall is installed in the cloud and protects the private cloud infrastructure. Secure access to the server for Savendo branch sites, field workers, and employees working from home is provided via a client VPN tunnel. The main site in Lahr, Black Forest, and the components installed there, plus the neighbouring locations are linked to one another within the LAN and WLAN (and WAN if required) via the Cisco Meraki cloud-managed infrastructure. If a problem arises, Bechtle is there as a support contact for Savendo AG with its flexible and dynamic team.

Business benefits.

Savendo’s server structure is now as practical and future-proof as their mobile phone charging stations. With servers in the Bechtle cloud data centre, the start-up is not only flexible, but can also scale all server services to new employees as needed. The system also requires drastically less maintenance and can be centrally managed. This lowers costs as Savando’s project will quickly pay for itself. Above all, Savendo can now concentrate on its core tasks, rather than having to work out how to connect a multitude of new employees to the company IT infrastructure.