ECOFIS GmbH – Round-the-clock data centre services through storage virtualisation.

ECOFIS GmbH is a company wholly owned by Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V., an organisation that provides its members with information to determine the creditworthiness of potential customers. ECOFIS provides innovative IT network, hosting and security solutions for the Creditreform Group, offering a full range of data-centre services. Some 5,000 users log onto Creditreform’s computers daily.

Project details.

  • Virtualisation
  • Trade / Service
  • ITC / Media
  • IBM
  • <250 employees

Project objectives.

By strategically overhauling its entire IT, ECOFIS wanted not only to introduce a high-value storage solution for its data centre, but also reduce administrative and management tasks for IT staff. Virtualising its storage environment would help ECOFIS maximise use of the existing physical storage capacity. This in turn would ensure that all data centre services are available to clients at all times.


“Creditreform—our owner and one of our largest clients—sells financial information to determine creditworthiness. To support their business, all data in the ECOFIS data centre must be available around the clock. Thanks to virtualisation, our new storage systems are affordable, easy to use, equipped for the future—and they require minimal maintenance. The IBM solution implemented by Bechtle has met all of our expectations and prepared our company for future innovative challenges.”

Maik Röse, Data Centre Manager, ECOFIS GmbH



Bechtle implemented a future-ready, expandable storage solution for its long-time, close partner ECOFIS. The solution comprises two IBM SAN Volume Controllers (SVC) that make it easier to manage storage infrastructure by optimising utilisation of storage resources and providing a central point of control. Through storage tiering, data is automatically and transparently sent to different storage systems based on data requirements. Four levels are available, organised in a hierarchy according to performance, capacity, availability, security and recovery time objective. By virtualising the storage environment using SVC Data Platform, new and existing storage systems can be used more effectively, and features are standardised and available across the entire virtualised landscape. This ensures higher flexibility and can also lower costs. The unified management platform simplifies maintenance and makes new storage space available more quickly. ECOFIS’ hardware consists of three IBM Storwize V7000, four IBM Storwize V5000 and four IBM Storwize V3700. As the foundation of ECOFIS’ new storage infrastructure, these systems ensure cost-effective data storage as the IBM Storwize family is able to meet high storage demands while using fewer resources. External storage virtualisation optimises existing storage and ensures that more data can be stored on fewer disk drives. These modular storage systems complement the company’s virtual server environment, providing the high level of flexibility and responsiveness required to master quickly changing business requirements.


Business benefits.

With its new IBM hardware and virtualised storage solution, ECOFIS is now able to deploy storage capacity even quicker. Storage tasks that used to be performed manually have been reduced to a minimum thanks to the IBM SAN SVC’s numerous automation options. In addition, the use of storage capacity has been optimised in all areas. Administration is now much less complex, and the new system also requires much less time, leading to higher satisfaction among ECOFIS’ IT staff. The future-proof, expandable IT solution uses less power through its energy-saving features, thereby cutting energy costs. However, the biggest benefit of all is that ECOFIS’ clients now have access to all required data round the clock through a fail-safe solution.

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