Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG – Integrating a Unified Communications solution.

Based in Reutlingen, Germany, Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG—and by extension the entire FOERSTER Group—applies the highest quality standards to its business developing products for non-destructive testing, metal detecting and magnetic field measurement. Its customers include companies active in metal production and metalworking, automotive suppliers and the aerospace industry. Technical precision is not only a top priority for its products, but also a key criteria when upgrading its telecommunications system. In the end, Institut Dr. Foerster chose to have Bechtle implement a Unified Communications solution company-wide.

Project details.

  • Networking Solutions
  • Modern Workplace
  • Manufacturing
  • Innovaphone, Estos, Ferrari Electronic, Vidyo
  • 250–1,500 employees

Project objectives.

The goal of the project was to ensure a high-availability connection to the provider (through S2M) as well as high-availability Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Migration to the new system was carefully planned. The new phone system would be put in place before the old one was dismantled. This was because the network had to be upgraded as well, and when it came time to switch to the new network, the phones would have to be switched at the same time by deactivating phone numbers in the old system and reactivating them in the new system. The switch to the new system took place by floor or department. In addition, a new IP DECT infrastructure had to be built, which requires that the entire business premises be surveyed beforehand to ensure ideal phone coverage.


Bechtle and Innovaphone proposed the best solution for our needs. Thanks to the skilful expertise of Bechtle’s employees, we were able to migrate smoothly from our legacy phone system to one relying solely on VoIP.


Peter Fellerhoff, Head of IT, Institut Dr. Foerster



Institut Dr. Foerster chose to implement approximately 250 IP end devices and 100 DECT devices gradually, in what is known as a soft migration. During the migration process, the new Innovaphone UC System IP6010 was integrated between the outside line and the old phone system. Both systems could therefore continue operating at the same time, enabling technicians to switch phone numbers over to the new system department by department. Bechtle implemented three new systems this way. The master PBX IP6010 system, which was installed at headquarters, controls the other PBX systems in a master/slave architecture. Redundancy of the master system is ensured by one of the two slave PBX IP6010 systems installed at a subsidiary. Administration is performed at headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany. Because the systems are all interlinked, Institut Dr. Foerster can administrate them centrally and also use them to collaborate across sites. estos ProCall software was used as the CTI client, which was seamlessly integrated with Institut Dr. Foerster’s Lotus Notes e-mail program. Another convenient benefit is that users can now see who is calling, and answer and place calls at the click of a mouse on their own PC or notebook. In addition, thanks to XCAPI and Ferrari elecontric’s fax solution, users can use Lotus Notes to send and receive faxes. Field service workers and management alike are integrated into the solution. They all benefit from Innovaphone’s one-number feature, which forwards calls coming in to an employee’s business phone directly to their smartphone and/or a private device. This feature is controlled by the OptiCaller CTI client. Finally, a video collaboration solution was also installed to enable video conferences via landlines and the internet. This Vidyo solution lets users share screen content for presentations or entire desktops. Voice transmission takes place either over the internet or landline using the Innovaphone UC system.


Business benefits.

Institut Dr. Foerster’s employees now have a complete solution providing phone, chat, video, fax and one-number functionality. And because it fully integrates with the company’s Office system, the solution is convenient and cuts down on organisational hassle.

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