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Windata - A scalable and highly available data centre with maximum security.

In Germany, electronic banking is inextricably linked with windata. Since its foundation in 1993, the company has become a leading provider of banking solutions for businesses, freelancers, self-employed workers and private users. Beginning with software for paperless payment transfers using the old DTA format, windata continues to ensure that national and international online banking transactions are conducted securely and professionally.

Project details.

  • Managed Services
  • ITC / Media
  • WMware
  • <250 employees

Starting point.

Introduced in 2017, windata’s konfipay service facilitates electronic payment transactions between ERP software and banks, ensuring that all data are transferred to and from banks in a fully electronic, tamper-proof manner. Stringent security is paired with optimum transaction performance and top-notch transaction transparency. Clients benefit from the high level of security afforded by the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) protocol. windata also ensures maximum data availability by having its IT infrastructure and konfipay service hosted by a data centre in Germany. In addition to physical data centre capacity, windata also needs the operator to provide necessary services for konfipay and guarantee the required system stability.

Project objectives.

For windata, the goals of the project were clear: the IT infrastructure underlying its konfipay service had to be scalable while ensuring maximum security and high availability. windata also wanted the new data centre to be located in Germany. It would have to be able to respond flexibly to windata’s requirements and guarantee ultimate IT stability. windata therefore set forth the goal of achieving zero downtime as well as system scalability using an online configurator.


windata’s IT department and executive management set about finding a new data centre operator that would be able to meet these requirements. Bechtle fit the bill, able to provide Germany-based data centres with the right IT infrastructure. As a regional partner, Bechtle submitted an offer that fulfilled all of windata’s criteria.

Our konfipay service ensures secure, reliable and transparent electronic payment transactions between business software, such as accounting and ERP systems, and banks. The IT infrastructure required to do this must be operated in a German data centre that is able to respond flexibly to our requirements and ensure that data is highly available. Our German and Austrian clients in particular are quite adamant about this. Our systems have run stably and we have not experienced any downtime since Bechtle began operating our IT.

Beatrice Steinhorst, Senior Key Account Manager, windata GmbH & Co. KG


Bechtle planned the migration of konfipay to its data centre in minute detail. This included providing a suitable server, WAN and tiered storage environment to ensure the right level of performance. As a result, windata is able to store all essential data on a high-performance 500 GB tier-1 storage solution, with separate 50 GB tier-2 storage reserved for less business-critical data.


Backups are performed by Bechtle Services using VMware Veeam Backup & Replication, which enables a high degree of granularity. The central management console gives windata access to all virtual and cloud-based workloads at any time while also supporting smart data management. In the past, konfipay data could only be backed up in longer intervals. By contrast, windata is now able to define precisely which part of the service is backed up when and how often. Many of these processes are automated through Veeam, which allows windata to act more quickly internally. konfipay replaces all applications previously used by windata’s clients, serving as a central resource for transferring payment data and providing account activity information for any number of bank accounts. Because of this, it had to be migrated to the new data centre with zero downtime and continue running stably. Bechtle therefore first migrated all konfipay data to its data centre while the previous services were still running, then switched them over at a precisely scheduled moment—and windata’s clients were none the wiser.

Business benefits.

Thanks to the online configurator provided by Bechtle, the system can be scaled as needed to respond quickly to new business or IT requirements. windata does not have to order or laboriously install any new hardware—Bechtle provides the necessary resources and systems promptly. The outstanding performance of Bechtle’s data centre is evidenced by the first-class availability and stability that windata has enjoyed since the migration. windata can confidently assure clients using konfipay that the web service is hosted exclusively in Germany, in a data centre espousing stringent security standards.