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Cologne’s municipal administration has become a modern service provider for its citizens, not least through its deployment of advanced IT. As efficiency and productivity increased, so did the administration’s reliance on technology, as its daily tasks now depend substantially on IT. As a result, the need for high-availability IT operations has increased dramatically, which is ensured by an correspondingly fail-safe infrastructure. To ensure the required availability, Cologne’s Office for Information Processing runs two redundant data centres in the Chorweiler and Deutz districts.

Project details.

  • Server & Storage
  • Public sector
  • Fujitsu
  • >1,500 employees

Project objectives.

The goal of the project was to replace the entire backup infrastructure—except for the backup tool—with a new solution that would considerably speed up the restore process and double backup capacity. This would require expanding the cache and migrating the virtual tape libraries along with the data already stored on it. Tape drives were moved to the new Quantum Scalar i6000 LTO tape library and the existing, outdated CentricStor system was replaced by a modern equivalent. Remote administration of the infrastructure was simplified via VPN access, while power consumption and heat dissipation were further reduced by using the latest energy-efficient hardware.


Thanks to Bechtle, we were able to completely overhaul our backup infrastructure with maximum flexibility and within the specified time frame. The City of Cologne once again has a future-proof, powerful and fail-safe data backup environment.


Jürgen Ley, Head of IT Competence Centre, City of Cologne, Office for Information Processing



The City of Cologne’s data centres now use the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS4000 together with Quantum Scalar i6000 LTO tape drives, which offer much higher capacity and faster access times than the former Scalar i2000 drives. At the front end, 256 virtual drives and 16 Fibre Channel ports are available. The cache is now 21.6 TB (mirrored/uncompressed). AIS Connect, which enables a VPN link, is used for system service and maintenance. The backup solution has also been completely overhauled. The new Fujitsu hardware architecture and the optimised features of the ETERNUS CS High-End nearly doubled backup capacity. High data availability is ensured through data mirroring across two data centres located 20 km apart. As an integrated solution, the ETERNUS CS High-End centrally administrates data backup and restore for all servers (Windows, Linux, VMware vSphere and BS2000 mainframes). It also provides features such as cascading, native tape support, expanded RAS, an NAS front-end and a new administration interface. All systems are upgradeable and therefore future-proof.


Business benefits.

Bechtle’s new hardware design for both data centres reduces both backup and restore times. The new RAID systems provide more storage capacity and excellent performance. They also offer maximum expandability with a small footprint, as the use of rack servers and height-optimised hardware was able to reduce the footprint at each site from two racks to just one per data centre. This saves space and power and reduces the need for air conditioning, lowering CO2 emissions. Running systems in both data centres at the same time provides effective protection if one site goes down. As a result, the City of Cologne now has a future-proof, expandable data-backup infrastructure that is also more environmentally friendly to boot.

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