Digital schools – Your future, our present.


The way that people interact, make contacts, and work is changing at a rapid pace. This creates a completely new value system for the leaders of the future which will continue to grow with the advent of new tools such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation.

When the young pupils of today finish school and begin their adult lives, the world will differ fundamentally from that experienced by earlier generations.
Acer’s advanced hardware portfolio adapts to these changing requirements and provides the tools that pupils and teachers need today to prepare for the future. These tools are not only designed to be high-performing and user-friendly, but also pass 810-G military standard tests and can stand up to the tough requirements of the school day.

This means that Acer devices are reliable companions for all school activities and are even resistant to impacts and liquids to ensure they are at pupils’ sides on their journey into the future.

Our values.

Acer Education Innovate
Acer Education Engage


When we talk about education, innovation is of key importance and leads to results.
From collaborative tasks to virtual and mixed reality learning environments—innovation enables educational establishments to develop more original and exciting learning scenarios.


When schools encourage a collaborative environment, pupils’ commitment to the learning process is boosted. For this reason, Acer supports schools in implementing innovative, collaborative learning environments that master the challenges of the 21st century.

Digital schools – Acer and Windows in the classroom.

Acer devices running the Microsoft Windows operating system are designed to enable, motivate, and help pupils of all ages to get the most out of their learning experiences.

Digital schools – Acer and Google in the classroom.

Get the most out of your DigitalPakt Schule budget with specially designed Acer Google devices for education.

More Acer Education products.

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The perfect accessories for the modern classroom.



The powerful and space-saving Acer Veriton N desktop series.