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There many responses to the question—what makes a good monitor for working with media content? Colour accuracy, a high resolution, and a wide spectrum of colours could be some. The Acer PE0 series monitors fulfils all of these criteria—and it’s the highest-rated model, even coming first in consumer magazine “PC Magazin” and “Llite” tests.


4K UHD resolution and versatile colour space.

The Acer PE0 series monitors all feature 4K UHD resolution, letting you focus on the details. In addition to the high resolution, these monitors are designed with emphasis on colour and colour display.

The IPS panel features a viewing angle of up to 178°, ensuring vivid contrasts and higher colour accuracy than TN and VA panels. When working with graphics, images, and content that require high amounts of precision, the HDR Xpert technology comes into its own. Images become more life-like and natural, colour palettes expand, and contrasts become sharper.

When working with Adobe applications or editing videos, various colour gamuts are required, spanning a wide range of colours. The PE0 series is up to this challenge and scores with up to 97% Adobe RGB, 95% DCI-P3 and 130% sRGB colour coverage.*

Another special feature is the Delta E value of <1, which describes the distance between two colours. Because of the low Delta E value, the PE0 series avoids colour distances, meaning reality and the image on the screen blur into one another so there’s no discernible difference.


*depending on model


Optimised design and maximum flexibility.

The design of the PE0 series ensures high contrasts, surprisingly real images, and enhanced colour sensitivity. The ZeroFrame design banishes thick screen edges and lets you immerse yourself in your content. And so that reflections don’t interfere with your image quality, the PE0 series comes with anti-reflection panels.

So that your monitor can adapt to whatever you need it for, the PE0 series tilts, pivots, and is height adjustable up to 115 mm. The pivot lets you turn the monitor by 90°, letting you analyse the content more easily and avoid trying to twist your head to the right angle. The PE0 series can be wall-mounted thanks to the VESA mount.


Wide-ranging connectivity.

The series features all current ports, so in addition to two HDMI ports, there’s also a Display Port, and the USB-C port makes the PE0 series a future-proof investment, giving you maximum connectivity via just a single cable. What’s more, you save money by not having to buy a docking station.


The Acer PE0 series will appeal to everyone who values both creativity and precision, such as research institutes that need perform complex and precise image evaluations. The technical focus of the Acer PE0 series lies in colours. In addition to wide colour coverage and HDR Xpert support, thanks to the anti-reflection panels, the design is geared towards perfect colours. Maximum flexibility facilitates to-the-millimetre adjustment of the monitor to your needs. And the USB-C port doesn’t just free up precious desk space, but also means you're investing in your future.

Don’t wait to update your monitor, equip your institution, organisation, or company with an Acer PE0 series monitor now.


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