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In our connected world, it is even more important than ever to protect critical infrastructure. Make sure your data centre’s physical infrastructure can quickly adapt to support both future IoT-related demand and growth—in the cloud and at the Edge—without compromising availability or operative efficiency.


EcoStruxure IT is revolutionising DCIM by offering the architecture for data centre management as a service (Data Centre Management as a Service, DMaaS) that is specifically designed for hybrid IT and data centre infrastructures.

The vendor-neutral architecture delivers a new standard for proactive insights on critical assets that impact the health and availability of an IT environment with the ability to deliver actionable real-time recommendations to optimise infrastructure performance and mitigate risk.

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Benefits of EcoStruxure IT Expert at a glance:

Easy deployment.

Easy to register, download and implement.

Benchmarking for proactive device performance management.

Benchmark your devices against the whole data lake: See how your assets compare to others.

Analytics for smarter decision-making.

Save time, remove alarm storms, and understand the root cause of an alarm to better predict and avoid it happening again.

Pay as you go for simplified budgeting.

Flexible subscription model, pay as you go so you know in advance what the monthly costs will be.

Vendor neutral for flexibility and enhanced transparency.

Integrate EcoStruxure IT Expert with third-party systems and build new applications for new business opportunities.

Assessments for optimised device maintenance.

Centralised visibility and consolidated alarm notifications with recommendations on where to focus your attention.

Full mobile visibility.

Keep an eye on your data centre—at any time. From anywhere.



Access live sensor and device data on any device directly on your smartphone.

Centralised visibility.

One place to view it all.

EcoStruxure IT Expert was awarded IT Optimisation Product of the Year at the Network Computing Awards 2019.


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Monitor an extensive range of Schneider Electric and third party devices.

The inventory shows details for all devices, and provides you with a quick overview of e.g.:

  • Input/output power
  • Balance
  • Duration

Drill in further by clicking on the device in your web interface or directly on your smartphone.


EcoStruxure IT Expert allows your partner to have visibility into your device data in read-only mode to help monitor your equipment more efficiently. You can choose to opt out at any time.

Benefit from the learnings of the 100,000,000,000+ data centre records already in the EcoStruxure data lake.


Data from UPS and cooling systems and other data centre infrastructure equipment are stored in the EcoStruxure data lake, anonymised and analysed. These data allow you to make data-driven decisions on the performance, efficiency and health of your equipment.


Plot sensors for up to 30 days to compare performance and pin your favourites to the dashboard for an easy overview.



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  • Lower alarm noise by muting a specific or all alarms related to a device from an hour to up to one week. By marking alarms as “recurring”, EcoStruxure IT Expert recommends devices that are good candidates for muting.
  • Choose your preferred way of receiving alarm notifications. Use the EcoStruxure IT app or receive them via e-mail. E-mails can be sent to an individual, a ticketing system, or your partner.




Optimise your infrastructure by running assessments on your critical assets, including UPS health checks and lifetime alarms. Export lifetime alarms and UPS data as a CSV file to help you build your own reports.

Get insights from the health score attributed to your UPS, and receive recommendations on how to improve it. Moreover, a history of significant changes helps you make better informed choices.


Get visibility into alarms that have occurred over the last 30 days using the alarm assessments.



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APC Screen
Device management:


Device configuration:

Easily deploy device settings to a large number of identical devices from anywhere in the world without any downtime.


Firmware update:

Centralise the management of device settings and lower security risks, as you remain aware of available firmware updates when they are released and decide when and if you should apply them to already identified devices.




Design your own dashboard and get an instant overview of all dispersed locations. Explore a wide range of performance and alarm information, such as alarm status, critical and warning alarms, latest alarms and critical alarm history. Interested in a specific site? You have the ability to drill down and create location-specific dashboards and access site-specific information.

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