Micro data center.

Micro data centres enable lower latencies, increased security and the deployment of IT devices close to data-intensive applications and users, which allows critical reliability in today’s data centre environment. Remote and branch offices, public cloud stacks in local offices, private clouds, data aggregation and local processing of IoT data.


Micro data centres are pre-assembled, tested and closed rack systems with all the components you need for running an Edge location, including PDUs, UPS’, cooling systems if required, security features as well as management software and services. Micro data centres facilitate Edge management through:

  • Standardisation – Pre-integrated standard designs can be easily replicated at numerous sites.
  • Physical security – Security cameras, ambient sensors and access controls send alerts to prevent issues and draw attention to potential security breaches.
  • Management – Open, vendor-neutral software and services ensure the necessary transparency and enable on/off-site support to simplify the operation of edge installations around the world.



Replace an IT room with a Micro Data Centre.

We bridge the gap between the traditionally separate worlds of OT & IT with Micro Data Centre solutions that meet challenges at the edge and deliver a unified IoT architecture. Choose from a wide range of enclosures for traditional IT spaces, harsh or industrial areas, and office or commercial spaces.

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Choose a solution that suits your environment.
APC S-Serie


Where should S-Series micro data centres go?

The S-Series is designed for standard IT environments such as small server rooms or network closets that are secure, climate controlled, and purpose-built for IT devices.

Ideal for environments with:

No dust.

No moisture.

A constant temperature.

No noise.


6U Wallmount EcoStruxure Micro data centres.

The APC By Schneider Electric 6U Wall Mount is an innovative new way to deploy server and networking equipment at the Edge. The unique low-profile design enables large depth devices to be wall mounted in a compact and less intrusive form factor than traditional wall mount cabinets. It can ship pre-integrated with APC Smart UPS battery backup, NetBotz Physical and Environmental Security, and EcoStruxure IT, our cloud-based remote monitoring platform to stay connected at the Edge.



42H Micro data centres for harsh environments.

The R-Series 42U racks have been specially designed for harsh environments such as warehouses and production areas and come with sealed enclosures, active cooling systems, dust filters and security features.

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