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We’ll take your old Apple product as payment and you can make your brand-new Apple device even more affordable with the resale value With the GiveBack programme from Apple and Bechtle, it’s that easy. Swap the device you have for the device you want!
The lifespan of every product is limited. Your Apple device was made to last. But one day, it too will bid you farewell and you can simply swap it. Get attractive repurchasing deals for old hardware and invest the capital you gain in new, higher-performing devices. And for other brands you can benefit from the resale value of the devices and use it to modernise your hardware. Give yourself an upgrade!

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Benefits at a glance.

  •  Guaranteed resale value of Apple hardware
  •  Enhanced financial scope and lower costs when procuring new hardware.
  •  Certified and thorough data erasure
  •  Responsible and eco-friendly reuse of products 
  •  Free and professional disposal of old devices 
  •  Compliance with all statutory requirements 
  •  Increased employee satisfaction with current, more powerful hardware

Guaranteed resale value.

Apple products generally have a high resale value. Even after several years of daily use, you’ll still get a good price for your device. Just answer a few questions about your device and we’ll offer you a competitive trade-in estimate. If the information you enter is accurate, we’ll guarantee this amount off the price of a new Apple product.

Lower new price.

We’ll automatically deduct the resale value from the cost of your new device. You don’t have to do anything else. You’ll have immediate cost transparency and can better calculate the price for your new purchase. The price of your new device will be reduced automatically and you’ll therefore have a wider range of options as to what to purchase. Invest in more storage or indulge in a faster hard drive! We’ll be happy to give you an individual quote.

Certified data deletion.

Today’s mobile devices are home to a wealth of personal, confidential, and sensitive data. Especially when doing business, you don’t want this information to end up in the wrong hands. Apple’s highly developed file deletion service is a key component of the GiveBack programme. The data saved on your devices is irrevocably deleted, and the whole process documented with comprehensive reports. This reduces the risk for you—your devices are recycled confidentially and documented for safety.

Protecting the environment.

You may be done with your device, but chances are it still has more to give. If it’s in good shape, Apple will refurbish it and find it a new owner. Every device that can be reused saves new resources from being used. In this way, you, the new owner, and the environment all benefit.

Responsible recycling.

If there is no way to reuse it, the device will be given to our highly developed disassembly robot. This enables to us to save more materials of a higher quality than we ever could using previous methods and the more we can reuse, the less we have to take from the earth. What’s more, all environmental standards are complied with and legal requirements met.

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