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ARTICONA – turns one

ARTICONA was founded in autumn 2018 with one clear aim: to provide high quality and modern IT accessories—at affordable prices.
At the launch the range featured some 1,400 accessories. ARTICONA’s range has now grown to some 2,000 products from various categories. From cables and privacy filters to smartphone cases, docking stations, and flash memory, we have the right accessories for your business needs.


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Bechtle and its subsidiary ARP have successfully filled a gap in the market with their ARTICONA brand. The modern IT landscape is in constant flux. Customers in professional environments want to quickly adjust to the new conditions of IT workplaces, and collaborate flexibly with a range of devices, across time zones and borders.


With good relationships in the Asian market and an optimised delivery chain, ARTICONA can quickly react to current developments and offer the right accessories in good time at competitive prices.


How does ARTICONA do it? Our team is dispersed across many countries and we are always in close contact with our suppliers. We keep up with the latest trends at fairs like COMPUTEX, the largest IT fair in Asia.


We are always looking for alternative transport options with shorter delivery times to keep project quotes flexible. By opting for rail transport, we lower our C02 emissions in comparison with air freight and it is quicker than by sea. ARTICONA also assumes corporate responsibility and regularly collaborates with two welfare services in Maastricht.


Discover ARTICONA’s birthday deals.


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