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ARTICONA – High quality and comprehensive service.

Good products need to be of a high quality and customer service also has to be excellent, in order to ensure customer satisfaction. The quality of ARTICONA products is assured in a three-stage quality checking process. The first step is to conduct a sample test to thoroughly test the trial product. The second test takes place in the inspection of incoming goods area. External specialists on-location in Asia regularly check the quality of our manufacturers.

Support is there for customers—from consultation through to after-sales service.

And customer service is up there too: Specialists from the ARTICONA customer service are at the sales team’s side to bring even out-of the ordinary customer requests to life. Customer questions are and feedback is also welcome after you’ve made your purchase—that’s what our specialist team is for. Our customers can rely on our fast reactions to their issues-from consulting and sales to after sales service. Because our focus is our customer’s satisfaction!

What does this service consist of? In a video interview, our ARTICONA quality expert Pius Dubach gives an insight into his daily work and makes one thing clear: Service is fun!

A high level of quality and comprehensive service. 

ARTICONA’s quality is consistently high. Our quality centre specialists make sure of that. They don’t just inspect the products in fine detail, but also all manufacturers that ARTICONA works with. Ben Brouns, Head of Quality Management at ARTICONA, tells us how suppliers are selected and EU directives complied with.

Quality is ARTICONA's watchword. Can you tell us in more detail what goes on behind the scenes at a QA centre?

Maximum customer satisfaction is our goal, so we need to ensure that the quality of our brand remains high. Our products undergo stringent functionality tests and have to meet the quality standards and levels we set. ARTICONA stands for quality. Products only go out to customers when we are completely satisfied. 






What customer service does ARTICONA provide?

Both internal sales and external customers can contact us using our service address at We reply to requests within 24 hours and provide the right solution for technical questions and general requests for information. And in the rare cases when something goes wrong, we will quickly find a way to solve it and are always there for our customers. From procurement to after-sales-service, one thing is important to us—the satisfaction of our customers.

What quality standards does ARTICONA fulfil?

Products are certified in accordance with both product standards and EU and country-specific regulations. We are also ISO-certified: We have ISO certificate 9001 for quality management and the environmental certification ISO 14001.


In addition,  We verify that suppliers do not use any harmful substances in their materials, and check this repeatedly during their course of our partnership. We also examine vendors’ labour conditions with a fine-tooth comb: We only work with suppliers who do not use harmful substances in their materials, produce products in an environmentally friendly manner, do not permit child labour and offer their employees decent working conditions. EU standards are important for us, since it’s only by complying with these that we are allowed to distribute products within the European Union.




“Maximum customer satisfaction is our goal.”

ARTICONA stands for …



Certified products.

Comprehensive testing.







Affordable prices.

Great value for money.






Expert service.

High warehouse availability.






Constant offer development.

Strong trend affinity.