We’re expanding our horizons.

As the Bechtle Group’s own brand, we’ve been offering accessory solutions for many years. In 2021, we are consolidating our expertise with that of the Bechtle AG specialists, who have been working for 25 years on configuring tailored, PC-based solutions. With this, we are launching a new product line which will enable us to also offer our customers PCs. This collaboration is making it possible for our customers to experience Articona quality in their hardware as well.


ARTICONA Powercube.

We offer our bespoke PCs that are configured to meet your requirements as “Powercubes”. And we are extremely flexible in the process: The customer can choose the branding, colour and configuration – deciding on every little detail. 
We guarantee component availability for up to 5 years by using industrial components and our intelligent warehousing system right where a component is coming to the end of its life. We are completely vendor-neutral and use only components the customers want and which fulfil their requirements.


The Powercubes have been configured especially for use in sectors that require high-performance devices, e.g. in the industrial, graphics and healthcare sectors, and are ideal for use in dusty, wet and humid environments. Powercubes are produced in Germany to customer specifications. Before shipping, each device undergoes stringent function and burn-in testing in accordance with industrial standards. German quality at Articona prices. There is no minimum order quantity and you benefit from quick delivery times.


Powercubes are available through
all German Bechtle sales channels.

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