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Reliable storage strategies.


Protect your important business data.


Rise to meet challenges concerning protection, management and the recovery and reuse of data with one, bespoke solution. Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery offers proven, modern and intelligent protection to isolate critical data, recognise suspicious behaviour and accelerate data recovery so that you can get straight back to business as usual.

Accenture has estimated that, within the next five years,
$ 5.2 trillion could be lost to cybercrime.

The average annual costs of cybercrime per company in 2018 rose to $ 13 million, an increase of 72% over five years.

According to a Marsh & Microsoft study carried out in 2019, 79% of global leaders rate cyberattacks as one of the highest priorities for risk management in their companies.

Your company’s solution.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery data vault.
The PowerProtect Cyber Recovery data vault offers multiple layers of protection to fend off cyberattacks, even when they are coming from insiders. It moves critical data out of harm’s way, isolates them physically from a protected area of the data centre and requires separate log-in credentials and multi-factor authentication. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automates the synchronisation of data between production systems as well as the vault and generates unalterable copies that are locked securely with their own storage policies. In the event of a cyberattack, you can quickly locate a clean copy of the data, restore your critical systems and return to operation. 
PowerProtect Cyber Recovery.
PowerProtect Cyber Recovery offers automated recovery procedures to get business-critical systems up and running again in no time. It is a part of the PowerProtect Data Manager for customers that use Dell EMC NetWorker and enables automatic recovery from the vault. Dell EMC and its system partners offer comprehensive methods for protecting data and carrying out damage assessments and forensic reports, which are required to recover your systems or disarm and remove malware.


Let us support you.

Bechtle and Dell Technologies help you to define the critical systems requiring protection and can create dependency plans for affiliated applications and services and the necessary infrastructure for recovery.

As your security specialist, we will generate recovery requirements and design alternatives besides identifying the technologies for analysing, hosting and protecting your data – along with a business case and schedule.

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