Dell Deskzop PCs und Workstations

Desktop PCs and workstations.


From productive and versatile desktop PCs and powerful workstations to custom Edge computing solutions, Dell offers the full range of products. Their wide selection of possible form factors means you'll find the perfect model for your work environment and the challenges your employees face. Benefit too from reliability, security, and more advanced management of your complete Dell solution.


OptiPlex desktop PCs

OptiPlex desktop PCs, with their versatile form factors, allow for user-defined configuration and the latest Intel® Core™ processors for an intelligent and quick desktop experience.


Boost your productivity.

The new OptiPlex range is characterised by high security standards and enhanced management functions for seamless updates. What’s more, the devices have been modernised and designed to be faster and more energy efficient. This applies to all form factors such as the Micro-PC, Small Form Factor, Mini Tower and the All-in-One PCs. Dell’s OptiPlex computers can be specially tailored to your personal requirements and working methods.



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Precision workstations. 

For over 20 years, Dell Precision has been delivering innovative, high-performance workstations to meet the needs of creators and designers. As a result, Precision is recognised as the #1 workstation brand in the world. Dell’s wide-ranging portfolio offers the right workstations that can be tailored to your needs.


Reliability for professional users. 

The workstations are ISV-certified for professional software applications and thus enable smooth work with high-performance systems. The hardware components are perfectly matched to one another. They can be individually adapted to specific application scenarios and are equipped with comprehensive service offerings to minimise downtime.



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Edge Computing.

Dell Edge Computing provides the basis for a variety of industrial applications and can be easily integrated into a range of environments. Decentralising end devices provides many benefits such as the opportunity to record data as soon as it is generated and to accelerate data streams through immediate data processing    

which you can use to optimally prepare your business for the future. Dell Edge devices and solutions are the perfect entry point to kick off and expand your data use


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