Dell Precision Tower

Dell Precision tower and rack workstations.


For over 20 years, Dell Precision has been delivering innovative, high-performance workstations to meet the needs of creators and designers. As a result, Precision is recognised as the #1 workstation brand in the world. From award-winning film-makers and animators to architects and engineers, our expansive portfolio enables you to customise your workstation for your creative expertise.

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Dell Precision tower workstations.
Scalable high-performance tower.

Dell Precision 7920 Tower.

The most powerful and scalable AI-grade workstation from Dell. The 7920 tower is perfect for customers who are running complex application environments including interactive design and analyses of very large amounts of data as well as newly emerging applications/workloads like machine learning, deep learning, AI, and VR. The versatile split chassis enclosure design boasts FlexBays that are accessible from the front with no tools and offer maximum storage scalability (up to 136 TB) and front access to hot swap PCIe NVMe drives (with RAID option and lockable hard drive trays). Discover the revolutionary thermal multi-channel cooling which allows your system to run at top speeds without overheating and ensures outstanding acoustics.


Run demanding applications with single or dual multi-core processors (up to 2 Intel® Xeon CPUs, up to 28 cores per CPU), VR-capable professional Radeon Pro or NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX graphics cards (up to three 295 W cards) and 2,666 MHz storage with select processors and up to 3 TB.


Dell Precision 7820 Tower.

Experience incredible performance in a compact design with single or dual processors (up to 28 cores per CPU). The 7820 Tower is ideal for engineers and technicians, designers and analysts whose application mix includes multi-threaded, compute intensive analysis, simulation and rendering applications requiring high CPU core counts. You can choose from a range of VR-capable professional Radeon Pro or NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX graphics cards with up to 295 W dual graphics support.


The innovative, toolless enclosure design enables access to FlexBays with outstanding storage scalability (up to 68 TB) and direct front access to hot swap PCIe NVMe drives. Experience high-end performance for longer with advanced cooling and acoustics with the revolutionary thermal multi-channel design.


Dell Precision 5820 Tower.

Big power in a compact, innovative tower design with powerful processors and up to 256 GB of 2,666 MHz DDR4 EEC memory. Experience the speed of VR-ready, professional Radeon Pro or NVIDIA® Quadro graphics cards with up to 295 W dual graphics support. The 5820 Tower is ideal for professional users who use graphics and data-intensive design applications that require more cores and high-end graphics support in a single socket architecture.


The toolless enclosure in the FlexBay design supports a range of modules and scalable storage up to 68 TB. With the revolutionary thermal multi-channel design, your system stays cool even under pressure.


Dell Precision tower workstations. 
Entry-level towers.
Dell Precision Workstation 3640

Dell Precision 3640 Tower.

Get unmatched performance and affordability in an expandable tower design that is perfect for engineers working with entry 3D or complex 2D graphics, as well as power users working with large data sets and complicated analyses that require ISV certification. A mini-tower design delivers a smaller footprint without sacrificing power. Make your ideas become reality with the new Intel®°Core°and Xeon®°processers with professional Radeon°Pro or NVIDIA®graphics cards.


Get real-time results with up to 128 GB of fast 2,933 MHz memory. Secure, scalable storage with SATA or PCIe NVMeSSD options (up to 30 TB and RAID), which deliver plenty of room for just about any project.




Dell Precision Workstation 3440

Dell Precision 3440 Small Form Factor. 

Obtain outstanding performance and affordability in our smallest tower design. Ideal for space-constrained workspaces, the industrial small form factor includes several mounting options, optional Wi-Fi capabilities and a range of accessible ports to keep you connected to everything you need.


Get the professional performance for design, as well as other basic creative applications with up to 128 GB of memory and memory speeds up to 2,933 MHz, as well as scalable storage options up to 12 TB (6 TB SSD + 4 TB HD). Certified to run professional applications with Radeon Pro or NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics with up to 75 W of graphics support. The 3440 SFF is available with Intel® Xeon processors, ECC RAM, and Reliable Memory Technology Pro.



Dell Precision Workstation 3240

Dell Precision 3440 Compact. 

The new 3240 Compact is a workstation with an ultra-small form factor making it ideal for the tightest workspaces and even for edge computing. This small but powerful system can control up to seven displays and is equipped with an optional NVIDIA Quadro RTX°3000 VR-ready graphics card. Several mounting options and dust and cable covers offer the flexibility to set up this device almost anywhere.



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Dell Precision rack workstations.



Dell Precision 7920 Rack.

Use secure remote access and ultimate performance at highest workstation level in a slim 2 U rack industrial enclosure. With 24-hour access for multiple users (1:1) and one or two multi-core processors with up to 28 cores per CPU.



Experience extraordinary VR-capable professional graphics performance and optional RAID with up to 8 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs (up to 80 TB total storage). Moreover, the system memory is extremely scalable, at up to 3 TB and 2,666 MHz (available for select processors). The Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) lets you deploy, update, monitor, and performance maintenance of remote workstations without a hitch.



Dell Precision Workstation 3930

Dell Precision 3930 Rack.

Meet the global leader in powerful 1 U rack workstations that offers secure 1:1 remote user access, impressive affordability, and workstation class performance. The slim design with low installation depth ensures enhanced rack density and lower space requirements, meaning the Precision 3930 Rack is ideal for confined work areas, integrates seamlessly into data centres, and allows direct uptake into OEM solutions.


Dell Precision Workstation 3930


The 3930 Rack ensures top scalability with available PCIe slots, support for older PCI cards, and up to 24 TB storage. Additionally, it offers an Intel® Xeon®°processor (8 cores), 2,666 MHz RAM with up to 128 GB and professional AMD or NVIDIA® graphics cards.



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