Dell EMC Poweredge Rack Server

Dell PowerEdge rack server systems.

Dell EMC delivers a complete range of PowerEdge rack servers specifically designed to build a modern infrastructure and optimise application performance to drive business success. What’s more, intuitive tools simplify and automate the entire server lifecycle to ensure a stable, hassle-free environment.

One socket.

The one socket server portfolio provides balanced performance and storage capacity for future growth.

PowerEdge R240.

Increase performance, ability to scale, and simplify your IT with an entry-level 1U rack server designed for web hosting and multi-purpose applications.

PowerEdge R340.

Increase performance, ability to scale, and simplify IT with an entry-level 1U rack server designed for businesses with remote and branch offices.

PowerEdge R6415.

Dense scale-out 1U rack server with efficient single-socket design for low TCO. Ideal for dense virtualisation and scale-out software-defined storage.

PowerEdge R7415.

Gain outstanding cost efficiency with a highly scalable single-socket, 2U rack server. Easily add memory and storage for demanding modern workloads.

Two socket.

The two socket server portfolio has a mix of features to maximise performance, scale to meet future demands and adapt to virtually any workload.

PowerEdge R440.

Gain performance and density in a compact 1U, 2-socket rack server for HPC, web tech and scale-out infrastructure.

PowerEdge R540.

Adapt to a variety of application demands with a 2-socket, 2U rack server that offers an ideal balance of resources and affordability.

PowerEdge R640.

Get scalable computing and storage in a 1U, 2-socket platform with an ideal mix of performance, cost and density for most data centres.

PowerEdge R740.

Maximise application performance with the optimal mix of accelerator cards, storage and compute power in a 2U, 2-socket platform optimized for VDI.

PowerEdge R740xd.

Increase storage scalability and performance with up to 24 NVMe drives and a total of 32 x 2.5" or 18 x 3.5" drives in a 2U dual-socket platform.

PowerEdge R740xd2.

Deliver fast response times and help maximise uptime for streaming media and other data-intensive workloads in a high-capacity 2U design.

PowerEdge R7425.

Realise outstanding TCO with this 2U, two-socket rack server that performs for data analytics, HPC, memory-bound and scale-up software-defined deployments.

PowerEdge C4140.

Meet the demands of cognitive computing workloads with a dense, accelerator-optimised 1U server supporting 4 GPUs and superior thermal efficiency.

Four socket.

The four socket server range delivers the highest performance and extensive scalability for your applications from in-database workloads and HPC to data analytics, AI and GPU database acceleration.

PowerEdge R840.

Drive faster insights with four-socket performance in a dense 2U design. Minimise latency with up to 24 direct-attached NVMe drives.

PowerEdge R940.

Power your mission-critical applications and make real-time decisions with the 4-socket R940 in just 3U with up to 12 NVMe drives.

PowerEdge R940xa.

Drive GPU database acceleration for business-critical applications with a powerful, four-socket server. Scale capacity with large internal storage.

Dell EMC expert services.

Optimising the IT lifecycle is vital. Dell EMC has expert services for all lifecycle phases that save you time and resources, reduce effort and improve your IT experience.

ProSupport Enterprise Suite.

Gain the freedom to focus on your business transformation with the support expertise and insights Dell EMC is known for across the globe. Choose the right support based on the criticality of specific systems with available automated predictive analysis, collaborative third-party assistance and service account management.

Training programs.

Education Services offers an expansive suite of training services with multiple delivery methods, including instructor-led, self-paced online and virtual instructor-led training. With comprehensive and flexible training programs, Dell makes it easy to ensure your staff has the skills they need to successfully manage and utilise your new technology to its full potential.

Consulting services.

Consulting services give expert guidance to help you grow, optimise and transform your IT environment at your own pace and budget. Dell employs a broad range of certified consultants and engineers, backed by program management teams, who can deliver deep technical expertise. Dell gives you confidence that your project will be done right and on time.

Dell EMC software solutions.

Boost performance, productivity and your agility with the Dell EMC software solutions. These solutions maximise performance and productivity by leveraging fast SSDs and automating tasks to significantly reduce time and effort.

SanDisk® DAS.

SanDisk® DAS Cache is a Dell EMC Direct Attached Storage (DAS) application acceleration solution that improves server utilisation and enables increased computing power.

Dell EMC Active System Manager.

Reduce the time, cost and complexity of managing data centres with Dell EMC Active System Manager. Implement a unified management and automation solution that replaces slow and unpredictable processes.

OpenManage Plug-ins.

OpenManage integrations and connections enable you to manage Dell EMC hardware more efficiently with automated processes and fewer tools. These OpenManage plug-ins streamline management tasks and help you maintain your investment in third-party systems management solutions.

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