Dell IOT

Internet of Things with Dell Edge Computing.

Current technical developments throw up tremendous challenges for businesses in terms of future viability and consistent competitiveness. At the same time, there are unique opportunities to radically redesign processes or services,  
which you can use to optimally prepare your business for the future. Dell Edge devices and solutions are the perfect entry point to kick off and expand your data use directly at the point of origin. No matter if it’s cameras or sensors, the Dell hardware components can be linked up with a variety of environments.

  • Connect IT infrastructures and OT systems.
  • Use individually adapted solutions for analysis
  • Benefit from extremely low latencies through data use directly at the point of origin.
  • Predictive maintenance – Rely on real-time surveillance and data analysis


Trust in Bechtle’s unique and comprehensive range of solutions:

  • Business consulting through a Single Point of Contact
  • Complete lifecycle management of all required devices
  • Personalised financial services
  • Mapping of the product range from gateway and server to store and cloud solutions


IoT solutions.
Monitoring of production processes and lines.



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Tacking and monitoring of goods in transit.



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Smart City.
Intelligent light management and security.



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Smart products.
New services and smart products.



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The following IoT connected bundles are available as a foundation:

  • Maritime Fleet Performance Optimisation by Arundo

Analysis and constant monitoring of maritime fleets

  • Cumulocity IoT Edge by Software AG

Individually adapted IoT platform with finished hardware bundle solutions

  • IoT Predict by Actionpoint

Finished box solutions for monitoring and analysing industrial processes

Dell Edge Computing.

Dell Edge Computing provides the basis for a variety of industrial applications and can be easily integrated into a range of environments. There are two product groups to differentiate between:

  • Dell Edge Gateway

Dell’s purpose built Edge Gateways are intelligent devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Ruggedised, with a variety of input output connections, they aggregate data and support analytics at the edge of the network.

  • Dell Embedded-Box-PCs

The configurable, rugged, fanless Embedded Box PCs are built to commission your solutions faster and recognise revenue sooner.



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