Dell Industry Manufacturing

Dell Edge IoT solutions.


Collect data within your production facilities and process them immediately. Cutting edge IoT solutions form the foundation with data collected as soon as they are generated during production processes by control elements such as SPS’ and field buses.
The information gathered form the basis of process improvements and also identity potential for optimisation:

  • New insights into your production processes and facilities
  • Basis for additional improvement and optimisation measures
  • Connection with the ERP system to automate procurement and logistics and transport processes
  • Detection of irregularities and anomalies
  • Cost and efficiency optimisation
  • Predictive maintenance to avoid downtime, consequential damage and production being halted.


By retrofitting sensors, additional information can also be collected, for example, 3D cameras can be used for quality assurance to check products for production tolerances. If this is digitally integrated into ERP systems, product quality can be proven years later, protecting yourself from claims for compensation.