Dell IOT Smart City

Smart city.

There are numerous IoT and digitisation use cases in the public sector which are often consolidated under the term smart city. One of these use cases is smart street lights, which not only save up to 85% in energy thanks to modern LED lamps, but are also incredibly efficient thanks to the use of brightness sensors and motion detectors. Dimming and movement detection can mean energy can be saved without putting public safety at risk. There are a variety of possible use cases:

  • Parking space detection (traffic management system)
  • Climate measurements (temperature, humidity, particulates)
  • Communication with smart rubbish bins (collection when waste has reached a certain level)


Public safety can also be boosted by, for example, integrating cameras, which not only help in the case of break-ins and thefts, but also monitoring the flow of people and crowding of streets, pavements and public spaces during large events. In addition, smart street lights can be used as charging points for electric bikes and cars.